Captcha Club Review: Is It A Scam? Payment receipts!

Today we have endless ways to make money online. Countless jobs have been added over the past decade. From typing assignments to transcription to Enter captcha, we have so many options to choose from. The advantage of these types of online jobs is that they do not require any qualification. It can be done with anyone with just a laptop and an internet connection. As a result, more people are being attracted to undertake such works.

Most of these online jobs offer you payment after you submit the work. This is where the problem starts. You don’t know if you will be paid or who will pay or who to contact. This has led to the emergence of many fraud sites that simply waste your time creating your work. In the end you will not get anything in return.

In this article, we are going to reveal the truth about Captcha Club. This is a captcha entering the site claiming to pay people to complete captchas. You will find many Captcha Club Review online, but this is an unbiased one.

Captcha Club Review

What is Captcha Club?

Before we start reviewing the site, we need to know what the site is about. This is to give an idea to all those readers who have not heard of this site before.

Captcha Club is an online site claiming to pay users for captcha typing. This sounds pretty easy as you can make up to $ 100 in a month just typing captchas. In that case, we should all be rich typing captchas in Captcha Club.

They offer 4 levels of membership. This includes the standard membership which is available for free. Standard members can only solve about 250 captchas per day. Next is the Premium membership which costs $ 100 per month. This gives you several captchas to solve per day, which means you have more chances of earning. Then they have the PRO membership which costs $ 250 per month and gives you 320 Captchas per day and finally they have a Gold membership which costs $ 500. And you can earn up to $ 50 per day.

Yes, you read that right. You will have to pay a considerable amount to be able to type more captchas. This site charges you fees to make you money and that is a big amount too.

How does Captcha Club work?

First of all, they have not mentioned how their program works in or But most of the captcha entry platform works on the same concept. “There are many software and bots that are made to create an account and perform many automation processes. It’s not the people, so that’s why website owners post captchas on their website to prevent these bots from doing their job. That’s why these invented captcha entry-level companies. They are hiring people who want to do simple work, so they created an API that allows that automation software to send captcha to you and you can resolve that captcha and send it back to that software from bots.“.

Speaking of the bottom line, how does the site work for employees or users. To be precise, it slowly rips you off.

The site is free to join so you can earn money simply by typing captchas. If you are a standard member of the site, you can earn as little as $ 90 per month. That’s because they only give you 100 captchas to solve in a day. The payout for each correct entry is $ 0.03 which is very high, but we’ll talk about that later in this post.

Typing captchas is very easy and therefore even the slowest typist can complete 100 captchas in no time. But here’s the catch. You cannot withdraw your payment until you have made $ 100. This means you have to wait two months to earn $ 100 as as a free member you can only make $ 90 per month. Well, this is not it. When the time comes to withdraw your money, you must pay the site administrator $ 40 and only then can you withdraw. So you get $ 60 for your hard work.

Captcha Club is smart enough not to disclose their membership rates until you sign up. Not only that, but they don’t tell you that you have to pay $40 to withdraw your money. & Membership Plans has 4 membership plans. But please read the full Captcha Club review before purchasing membership plans or any Captcha Club package.

I will recommend that you do not purchase a membership plan until you receive your first and second payments. After the first payment, you can invest that money to buy a membership. This way you minimize the risk of getting scammed.

1. free membership –$ 0 / free

  • Free account to test our services
  • Permitted admission 100 per day
  • Fee per submission $ 0.03
  • Multiple accounts not allowed
  • Guaranteed to get paid
  • Minimum withdrawal 100 $

2.Premium Membership – 100 $

  • Access per day allowed 200
  • Fee per submission $ 0.06
  • Earning double than basic
  • Multiple accounts not allowed
  • 1 time access to payment time
  • Lots of options for withdrawing money

3.Pro Membership – 250 $

  • Advanced package with special status
  • Buy once = enjoy life
  • Less work – making more dollars
  • Minimum earnings per day -> $32
  • Per day access limit = unlimited *
  • Fee per submission $ 0.10
  • Multiple accounts allowed
  • Several options for recording

4. Gold Membership – 500 $

  • Special status as a partner
  • One-time payment and lifetime benefits
  • Do nothing at all – earn daily
  • Minimum Earn Per Day 50 $
  • Multiple accounts allowed
  • Daily Required Data 1
  • Withdrawal options Paypal, Payoneer, Bank
  • Best for busy people

Is Captcha Club a scam?

  • First, you get the same type of captcha every time. No site offers the same type of captcha for every item. That’s not how it works.
  • Second, the most popular and trusted sites such as kolotibablo or 2captcha pays 0.0001 $ to 0.0003 $ per submission but or gives 0.03 $ per item, that is

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