Can you be fired while on leave?

Every employee asks himself the same question at any time, if he has an accident, illness or other problem that causes a long absence from work. And that question is, can they fire me when I’m on leave?

A priori one could say that, in normal terms, no. The worker cannot be thrown on the street. But beware, this answer is not entirely true either. Because it is true that bosses can fire you if they can prove certain things. And this, if it is important to know. In other words, or to make things simpler (although we’ll tell you all about it later), if you’re on sick leave or due to an accident at work, it’s not legal for you to be able to or be fired. Yet there can always be instances where they have the “excuse” to fire you.

If there are doubts about absenteeism, it should be made clear that there has been a certain peace of mind for several years. If you are fired because you can prove that you are on sick leave because of work, the employee cannot be fired. That is to say, power can. But if they do, it can have consequences and the worker wins.

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