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Can Season 9 of ‘Dexter’ solve the disastrous series finale? We say “no”!

Can Season 9 of ‘Dexter’ solve the disastrous series finale?  We say “no” –
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Let’s talk about serial killers. Or, well, a fictional serial killer. Right gets a revival, which means a chance to solve the worst series finale in television history. But can you fix it Right with a revival? Um. The long and short is no. No you can’t. It’s a demolition job. We don’t need revival. We need a reboot. Just throw everything away and start all over.

Why can’t the revival of? Right solve the sins of the last episode? There are several reasons to respond. The biggest reason is that it got too messed up before making it to the series finals. You have years of bad decision making and mind-boggling story decisions that need to be undone before you give the series a revival that would work well. So here are the reasons why Right season 9 is likely to fail.

Can Season 9 of ‘Dexter’ solve the disastrous series finale?  We say “no” –

The only reason it can succeed

Before getting into the reasons why Right season 9 is essentially doomed before it even airs, there’s exactly one ray of hope. They got rid of Scott Buck for this. Buck was the showrunner before Right from season six to eight aka the really bad seasons. Where there were story decisions including Dexter (Michael C Hall) dating his adopted sister (Jennifer Carpenter), so yes.

Buck was also a showrunner for Marvel’s In people series aka the worst Marvel series and the first season of Iron fist, that improved after he left for season two, but not enough for the series. When you hear that this guy is going to be a showrunner of something you’re excited about, be warned, he’s essentially the Kiss of Death. And luckily he won’t come back for it Right season 9.

Clyde Phillips, a longtime writer for the series, will serve as the showrunner for Right in its revival. His credits also include Sister Jackie and Feed the beast. So let’s hope things work out well in the new location under a new showrunner. Phillips left the show in season four, so before things got worse.

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Why things are likely to fail

The main problem here is the quality of Right baptized when the series came out in terms of character and storytelling. Hall tried his best with the material provided, and he still rocked it. But wow, it wasn’t good stuff under Buck. Essentially, if Right season 9 wants to work and succeed, then it will have to ignore many terrible plot points.

Will it be? Or will the writers become so preoccupied with the need to solve one of the greatest disasters of a series finale of all time that they lose sight of the goal of actually making something good? Right story? Sometimes that’s the case with revivals. They want to fix it so badly that they miss the mark.

But can it be saved?

No. Right is one of the series that just has to be scrapped and start over. Just throw it away. Because it looks like only Hall from the original cast is enabled for the Right revival, looks like they are doing that here. Still, all that bad stuff from canon that fans hated is still canon. It’s still the things they hate there. It doesn’t solve anything. He is still a wanted serial killer.

But no. The magic of the early seasons has disappeared. People still laugh about that last episode. The only way for that Right season 9 to succeed is just to tell a story. And tell it well enough that fans can forget about all the bad. Most writers cannot. It must be so good to erase the pain of a fandom. Some fandoms just never forget, you know? Right is one of those fandoms.

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