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Can Knack 3 fans expect its release?

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Can Knack 3 fans expect its release?
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People who play PlayStation games must have undoubtedly played Knack. Many people are now eagerly awaiting the release of Knack 3 . If you haven’t played the game yet, follow the article to the end to learn more about the game’s features and more about the release of Knack.

Do you know there are? 109 million users from Playstation in the US, from March 2021? Yes, it’s a shocking fact, isn’t it? But this is true

For every gamer, their favorite game is their heart, right? If you are a Knack fan then here is a treat for you where you will have the space to recall Knack 1, 2 and learn more about Knack 3

Can Knack 3 fans expect its release?

What is Knack?

Knack is a narrative video game for the PlayStation 4 video game system, designed by Japan Studio and released by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released in November 2013 in North America and in February 2014 in Japan, where it was sold as part of a console package.

The user controls the eponymous protagonist Knack through a sequence of stages in a third-person view with a fixed camera. Knack is a relic-based living humanoid creature with a large core relic surrounded by a variable number of smaller relics.

everything about Knack?

Humanity has advanced technologically in a futuristic society by gathering strength from relics, tangible remnants of a lost civilization. Doctor Vargas shows off his creation, Knack, a relic-based creature that can control its size. The weapons are followed to a monster castle, where Knack fights the monster leader Morgak.

Viktor quickly lashes out at others by grabbing Lucas and causing Vargas and Knack to go after him. In the Barren Wastes, Ryder, Knack and Vargas find a key to the Obelisk Mountain.

Viktor and Katrina, who overheard Lucas, grab the gang, but Knack barricades them with a collapse. In Trogdor Mine, Viktor manages to unlock the door and reveal an ancient room with an orb that dissolves it. The party is forced to dock after Charlotte’s ship is destroyed and Knack sets off to fight the orb. It clings to a Guardian, who defeats Knack and shatters the orb. Now that the source is gone, the expanse of the masonry disappears underground.

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In Newhaven, the gang is honored with a procession and Knack, Vargas and Lucas receive medals. While Vargas delivers a eulogy for Ryder, Ryder travels across the desert to the city with Katrina.

Transformation of Knack

Knack has the power to transform itself into various other forms using normal ancient artifacts, such as Ice Knack, Metal Knack, Wood Knack, and Sheath Knack.

  • Ice Skill: Ice Knack is Knack’s essential transformation in which he is dressed in ice. While this offers significantly more protection than its standard structure, it is prone to injury from decomposition.
  • Metal Skill: Knack is coated in metal in this build, making him both a behemoth and a guard, and an awe-inspiring wonder on the attack. However, there is a trade-off in that Knack becomes more attractive while in this frame, resulting in some intriguing flaws.
  • wood carving: Knack is covered with wooden casings in this build, but he can’t shoot. He avoids injury by devouring discharges shot at him by opponents.
  • Sheath Knack: This is one of the best transformations Knack may have had as it allows him to travel between lasers while going undetected. Stealth Knack isn’t the best though as it weakens him more and he can be destroyed with a single blow.

Knack 3 release date

The preponderance of the critics is good; that’s why speculation says the game may have its third edition soon. But since there is no information from the official players, we can only guess.

However, they haven’t said a word about Knack 3’s cancellation. So there’s a little bit of hope that Knack 3 is coming to Playstation soon. As a fan of Knack, it’s really disappointing not to get an update. Knack 2 was released on September 5, 2017. It’s been almost four years since the release of Knack 2. Fans are eagerly awaiting an update on Knack 3.


Knack has a good story and gameplay. The good thing is that the character transforms itself in four different transformations. While it received mixed reviews on its story, it was able to go against all odds and build a good fan base. If you haven’t played it yet, play it now.

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