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Calls up the release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know for season 2

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Calls is an American-French streaming television series based on the French series of the same name. The English version has been adapted by Fede Alvarez and is co-produced by Apple TV + and the French network Canal +. It premiered on Apple TV + on March 19, 2021.

This show uniquely represents the story through interconnected telephone conversations. With these conversations the story continues and the audience remains on the edge of their seats. Moreover, with the limited supply of visuals, it allows the audience to imagine the visual representation of the scenes all the time.

This unique way of storytelling chosen by the show makers makes it a fantastic experience to have.

Calls up the season 2 release date

All nine episodes of the first season will premiere on Apple TV + on the same day, March 19, 2021, and each have a running time between 12 and 20 minutes each.

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No official confirmation has been given by the creators or the streaming service regarding the next season. Still, we don’t think the series can’t be shortened to a single season with its ability to attract a unique array of people.

Calls Season 2 Cast

The series has come up with a star-studded voice for the first season, and it’s not very sure to see the recurring voices unless the team sticks to the same characters, which doesn’t seem to be the case. If the team decides to go for the next with new voices, we might be able to listen to a series of new voices and characters.

Summons Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

The director had called this series an experiment, showing that more could follow, depending on the promising success of the experiment. And if the Apple TV + renews it, the next one could come up with a series of new experimental episodes, but with the same theme.

So, until the Apple TV + refreshes the show’s status, sit back and try to imagine the sequence of images in your head with the first season’s phone calls.

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