Breathe Into the Shadows ending explained: What does C-16 mean? Breathe Season 3 Confirmed?

The second season of Amazon Prime Video India’s hit series, Breathe, premiered on July 10.

So if you are planning to watch the new season, called Breathe Into The Shadows, and have not done so, please do not read ahead. As there are many spoilers of Breathe Season 2 below about the new season.

The 12-episode thriller is about a couple’s search for their missing daughter, and the manipulation that they face at the hands of a masked kidnapper.

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About Final Episode

The final episode has Kabir and Avinash’s wife Abha find out about Avinash’s Multiple Personality Disorder and that J had kidnapped Siya and Gayatri. Avinash/J is arrested and is later sent to a psychiatric facility. Abha, who helped Avinash in the three murders, and being more involved in that of Natasha’s, is let go off because Kabir has a change of heart and he lies in his report so that Siya can have at least one parent.


At the time of writing, Breathe has not been renewed for a third season, nor has it been officially canceled.

In the last episode, Abha visits Avinash at the Mental Care facility. Avinash tells her that he wants to meet Siya and that he has made progress. He hasn’t turned into J in a year. But Abha tells him that Siya is afraid of him, and calls J ‘bad uncle’. Abha said Siya keeps on asking her that when her father will return then how could she found out that whether he is her father Avinash or bad uncle ‘J’.

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What does C-16 mean?

The show ends with Saiyami Kher’s character visiting Avinash at the facility, and receiving a piece of paper with ‘C-16’ written on it. C-16 created a buzz. That’s also the title of the episode. C-16 is the code word that J told Saiyami’s character he’d give her if he needed her help, in one of their chats in a hotel room. It is revealed that Avinash was lying, and J has fully taken control of his mind.

In the final scene, we see him walk onto a stage, with a limp, implying that J is back.

It directly hints at the arrival of Breathe Season 3. Now it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds in the upcoming season.

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