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Bravocon 2021 Tickets release date, price, location

Bravocon 2021 Tickets release date, price, location
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Bravocon 2021 Tickets release date, price, location

2021 is going to be pretty exciting as BravoCon is back with a bang and will be up and running this year and we are here to give you all the important details about the event, we are going to update you on tickets, the cost of the tickets and where the event is about.

Bravocon 2021 Tickets release date, price, location

Bravocon 2021 Tickets

The event was supposed to take place in the year 2020, but it was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic making it difficult for the event organizers to get the event going at that point, but eventually the highly anticipated event is going to take place and the Bravo fans are going to meet the folks they’ve been following for many years as the event will take place from October 15th to October 17th and here are the details we are currently aware of.

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Bravocon 2021 ticket release dates

Currently the tickets are not available yet as they have not yet gone on sale, when it happened earlier in the year 2019 they made a separate site for the tickets making it easier for the buyer to buy the ticket if the site was for nothing but to buy the tickets for the Con and there is a huge chance that the organizers are going to do the same for this event which will make it easier for the people to buy them when it happened before, she has the tickets 2 months prior to the event and given that there is a good chance that they will release the tickets in late July or early August.

Bravocon 2021 Ticket price and location

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They have not released the amount for the tickets yet, but we can give you a clear idea as last time it took place, the cost for the day ticket ranged from 125 $ to 700 $, the three day ticket for the event goes about 300 $ to $ 1500 cost, these figures are for the previous event that happened so the amount will only fall within this range.

There will be three options for the audience in attendance: general admissions, VIP and SVIP and it will provide buyers with some exclusive benefits based on what they choose.

The organizers have stated that the Con will not disappoint anyone as there will be live performances, great interactions from the fans and the creators, the producers will also spill the tea on how they operate and what their vision is, there will also be a shopping center for it the people and it will be a blast.

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