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The shooting of a new movie ‘Char Yaar’ has started somewhere in UP. Char’s affair is happening a lot more here in Mumbai. As the stories of ‘Four More Shots Please’ and ‘Made in Heaven’ unfold, the same filling comes out on everyone. No matter how much the old rulers’ cotton wicks feel, they don’t feel like new. Alankrita has also loaned her six new episodes of the new web series ‘Bombay Begums’ to Netflix after her previous movie ‘Dolly Kitty and Those Shining Stars’. As the name suggests, this series is more like Mumbai contemporary life and less Bombay style. This is the story of four begums of a society such as 52 cards or cards. The one who is the richest is called Rani. Yes, the king looks like his pawn.

The release of the web series ‘Bombay Begums’ on Women’s Day is nothing more than half-hearted advice from a marketing fanatic. The series is a story of many people and at least on Women’s Day for Social Elevation, such a character would not like to be seen around them. When a squatting girl goes to fight with her landlady for booze and cigarettes, it is neither correct to envision the independence of half the population on Women’s Day, nor is it correct to view the lap of the rent as merely ‘womb’. main protagonist of the series himself. A writer-director who tells progressive stories and hopes to produce better stories in the future by making ‘lipstick under burqa’ will not be a good sign in the first round of his career under market pressure.

The attractions of watching the ‘Bombay Begums’ web series are many. The first is Pooja Bhatt, already 49 years old, for two weeks. Pooja Bhatt came to the cinema as a freshman and today she is at the bottom of her thirty-year career. Seeing her as an actress as a plotter might be challenging for her performance, but this character is in no way suitable for her. It’s another thing that there is some kind of discomfort in his expressions without acting over time, but it could also be a two-handed scorecard from his life that has become a permanent expression of his face. Had the series’ role changed with Shahana Goswami as Rani, Amrita Subhash as Fatima, and Pooja Bhatt as Lily, the whole plot would have had a different effect, but perhaps Pooja Bhatt would have had the series in mind. It should have been written by Alankrita.

The technical side of the web series ‘Bombay Begums’ is the third weak aspect, apart from the exuberant tone of the cast and casting of the characters. If the city is connected in the name of a story, then you should see the city moving in that story. Bombay cannot be explained by forging long shots into intercuts. In such a case, whether this story is Bangalore Begums or Chennai Begums, who cares. It doesn’t matter where Lily lives. Knowing what’s going on around the place where the queen lives makes a difference. Alankrita or at least the Netflix team creative team must visit India. Being a Kanpur girl is another big mistake casting some of PlaBita Borthakur on screen. The whole story has become a bit too much to show from the perspective of Adya Anand’s character. If all of this is to be told in voice over, why isn’t the podcast better than the web series?

Being rebellious and being rude are two different things. Many writers in Mumbai still don’t understand the difference between these two. He may have found them all in his environment, but in all of this, some very important issues of family, society and country go into these stories in a very light way. If Alankrita isn’t trying to become Zoya Akhtar, she has her own advantage as well as cinema. Its original design is very good, no need to put others on it. It is hoped that she will take two consecutive mistakes as a lesson and not make it her habit.

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How to Watch Bombay Begums season 1 online?

Although all seasons and episodes of Bombay Begums will soon be available on Telegram and illegal piracy websites, we recommend that you view it officially at Netflix. Amazon Prime Video comes with a 30-day trial period. During this trial period, you can watch as many movies and shows as you want. You just need to sign up for a new account.

Where can I download Bombay Begums season 1 all episodes online?

You can also watch and download online for free at Blockters. You can also download the full movie in HD at Blockters.


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