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Bombay Begums: release date, cast, plot and trailer

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Today, many Indian web series are making a huge fan base around the world. So why not try another one? Netflix has an Indian web series in the pipeline for the coming week called Bombay Begums. The name itself looks regal and intimidating, let us know more about it.

Release date: Bombay Begums

The web television series will be released on Netflix the following week. I know you won’t let me go without a good date. Bombay Begums will be released on March 8, 2021.

Cast: Bombay Begums

The characters of the web series are played by the following artists:

  • Rani is played by Pooja Bhatt
  • Fatima is played by Shahana Goswami
  • Lily is played by Amruta Subhash.
  • Ayesha is played by Plabita Borthakur.
  • Shai is played by Aadhya Anand.

The other characters are played by Nausheed Cyrusi, Rahul Bose and Imaad Shah.

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Expected plot: Bombay Begums

The plot takes place in the Indian city of dreams, also known as Mumbai, also known as Bombay. We will follow five women who are doing their best in their lives. It’s not that easy to live the life of our dreams, is it? But one can do anything if one is persistent enough. Will these five women have their way in the city? Perhaps their ethics, crisis and ambition shape their dreams and ambition.

The series looks like a promising power capsule for women. I have a similar documentary series for those who like such plots. A recent release of Amazon Prime, Nevenka: Breaking the silence tells you a story about a Spanish woman. Headlines of Today always keep you informed.

Trailer: Bombay Begums – Exclusive Entertainment Site

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