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Bloodborne is one of the best unique launch titles to date, so it’s no joke that fans are eagerly awaiting a sequel. The worldwide followers of this game title were eager to get a look or news about any of their favorite games, Blood-borne 2.

FromSoftware has shed a tear in recent times, and there’s no reason to stress how groundbreaking the Dark Souls project was. The blood-borne gameplay was intriguing and left a long-lasting impact that completely shook the gaming industry. The players were in awe of an astonishing storyline that left their minds in amazement.

However, From Software was stiff on the release date of Bloodborne 2 and preferred to focus on many other projects.

That didn’t stop fans from going down and making assumptions, and we’re eager to sift through a lot of gossip and speculation to bring you the most current details.

Bloodborne 2 Legacy

Blood-borne night shade
Bloodborne gave us some impressive moments with their great graphics.

Bloodborne is one of the most revolutionary games ever made. This becomes clear when we consider how challenging these titles are for someone who likes to take on the responsibility, as well as the many additional franchises they have inspired over time.

While other developers were constantly trying to replicate the Dark Souls recipe and failed miserably, FromSoftware managed to do just that.

Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are two such games.

Compared to previous Souls games, these video games place a stronger emphasis on offense and agility, making them much more exciting, heightened encounters. Taking the player from one high to the next, these games have something peculiar in their storylines and graphics that other modern games of their genres don’t have.

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Upcoming title

While most of us are looking forward to the arrival of FromSoftware’s next upcoming title, Elden Ring, In 2021, most of us are also curious about a possible sequel to an old, much-loved title Bloodborne 2.

Rumors hint Blood-borne 2

A lot of people believed that the first Sekiro trailer – as you can see – hinted at a continuation of Bloodborne for quite some time.

Unfortunately for all of you bloodthirsty players, it was confirmed that the trailer for “Shadows Die Twice” will cover a totally separate Souls-esque title at E3 2018.

Yet there have been many takeaways that pointed out that it is a continuation of something bigger that will leave the gaming industry on the eve of another breakthrough.

Teaser takeaways

It’s easy to see why followers were convinced this trailer was connected to Bloodborne:

  • The overall look and feel of the preview was close to that of the first Bloodborne trailer.
  • Loss, life and resurrection are key themes in Bloodborne’s plot.
  • Eastern civilizations also flourished within the macro verse of “Soulsborne”.
  • Contrary to any of these hints, there was the mysterious device, which looked suspiciously like a modern type of trick tool.

Nonetheless, upon Sekiro’s release, it was discovered that this was the character’s bionic arm, although that in its own way led to some sort of trick tool.

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Sony hesitates Blood-borne 2

Blood-borne protagonist who stares into the dark.
Blood-borne artwork from one of the game’s stills.

Miyazaki has also confirmed that it is not in his judgment whether or not a continuation will be created, implying that the future of this project is in the hands of its creator, Sony.

But Bloodborne 2’s release in the near future is highly debatable. But as it is currently compiled, it does not seem possible.

Amid the false stories circulating, development leaders have repeatedly rejected his presence. And if it is in development, it would take at most an eternity.

Effects of Console Wars on Blood-borne 2

With the release of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, the next era of gaming has finally begun.

Also, if you see Microsoft stepping up its efforts this century, it would be in Sony’s greatest advantage to do the same if they wanted to keep the “Console War”. After winning the last console wars, Sony wouldn’t want to lose the next one.

Having said all that, we hope there will be one more Bloodborne title released in this console cycle.

And given Miyazaki’s reported desire to make a new Bloodborne title, a new incarnation of the story could very well be released after Elden Ring – whenever that may be.

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Blood-borne 2 Publication date

Blood-borne beast artwork
Blood-borne beasts were so powerful that the game became more exciting to play.

At the moment FromSoftware is concentrating on the Elden Ring.

Despite the fact that this latest game appears to be gaining steam as the “most exciting FromSoftware project ever”, no release date has been announced.

Bloodborne 2 seems much further apart than the first title.

While there has been no public announcement of a release, there is also a very high probability that we will see a Bloodborne title at some point in the future.

Why can Bloodborne 2 happen?

  • First, despite the fact that no successor has been announced, Bloodborne has a lot of support from designers and enthusiasts alike. This could lead to another Bloodborne title or, or at the very least, a possible remaster of the first, which is rumored to be, but we’ll have to listen and see.
  • Demon’s Souls, FromSoftware’s first, original “Souls” title, has already been remade for the Ps5.

Well, that still doesn’t really mean anything about Bloodborne, but it does indicate that Sony isn’t rejecting this long-forgotten PlayStation 3 edition.

  • Major titles have always been some of PlayStation’s best features, and canceling one of their most well-received unique IPs wouldn’t be a truly profitable decision for Sony.


At the end of the moment, none of this is certain, and we can’t know if a Bloodborne 2 will ever be released.

We are confident in this highly anticipated continuation because of the success of the IP, the huge market for a sequel between fans, and the director’s dedication to focus on it.

As said before, Sony is ultimately in control of the choice.

It would be fascinating to see if FromSoftware continues to expand the Bloodborne recipe if Elden Ring raised the standard as high as the buzz suggests.

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