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Bigil Movie Release confirmed in Karur City for Diwali

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Bigil Movie Release Confirmed In Karur City For Diwali: Karur Cinemas Owner Officially Confirms Happy News for Karur Vijay Fans; Bigil Movie Release confirmed in Karur City for Diwali. Agreements are made to open online reservations and bookings at the till.

According to the data from the official website of Karur Cinemas, the online reservation for “Kaithi” is already ON, and for “Bigil” the booking starts on Wednesday. They also advised people not to follow the fake news that surfs the internet.

What caused this fake news problem? Karur Cinemas, a syndicate, was founded in 2011 by the theater owners of Karur. It is an organization that works for dedication and dignity. For the company, Karur Cinemas, their success in this area is the result of their obedience to the government.

They always follow every rule set by the government. As usual, they have set the ticket prices for the Bigil movie by government standards.

This action by Karur Cinemas has led some fake news to spread rumors about the state. According to the fake news that spread on Tuesday, producers of “Bigil” asked their distributors to convince Karur Cinemas to sell Bigil tickets at higher rates, which led to the failed negotiations. After a failed negotiation, Karur Cinemas concluded that they will not be showing “Bigil” in any of their syndicated theaters, fake news claimed via social media.

No special shows for Bigil in Diwali, Government of Tamil Nadu

While contacting Karur Cinemas to get clarification, they nailed the false information right in the middle. According to the Karur Cinemas source, there was no intention or official decision by the syndicate to stop showing Bigil in Karur.

Distributors are already aware of Karur Cinemas and have not negotiated yet. The copy of the agreement to show Bigil signed with distributors will reach the Karur Cinemas tonight. So Bigil will be screened as planned, the source confirmed.

Karur Cinemas is about to show Bigil in four theaters running underneath. The four theaters are as follows: Ellora Cinemas, Thinnappa Theater, PonAmutha Theater and Kalaiarangam Theater. The show timing is 10:15 AM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM, and 10:00 PM. As always, there will be no exclusive shows.

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Karur Cinemas, a syndicate, for charity: It all started about 12-15 years ago. It was the time when Karur’s theater owners faced extreme losses and struggled to run their theaters. After a long battle, all the top theater owners of the city of Karur met and found Karur Cines. They agreed to stick together in any difficult situation. They decided to take care of their fellow businessmen rather than compete.

Under the Karur Cinemas, every theater must remain the same in every way, from their screening technologies to their infrastructures such as seating and air conditioning. All theaters under the syndicate should screen any movie using standard technologies. Everything they use in their theaters should be comparable.

For example, if a theater contains Dolby Atmos, then the rest of the theaters should have the same. They even have their own reservation system, Not only the booking system, DCR, daily tax invoice and monthly tax invoice, and everything is automated according to government conditions.

Although the theater owners struggled at first, the sun soon began to shine on them. They showed excellence in every situation. They agreed with film distributors.

A “no to discrimination” policy remains. Unlike other city theaters that set their ticket prices based on the situations and actors and actresses, Karur Cinemas follows a conventional ticketing system.

Bigil Movie Release confirmed in Karur City for Diwali

A source said that Karur Cinemas policy meant that people from other cities only visited Karur for a movie. The source proudly said that hundreds of people from Erode attended Karur theaters during the release of Sarkar, the highest ticket cost was Rs. 118 for online and Rs. 100 at the till. In the year 2019, after Govt price revision, Rs. 140 in online and Rs. 110 in Box Office. Now they hope the same for Bigil this year.

Karur Cinemas, the syndicate, is a huge success of unity.

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