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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Voting Results April 2, 2021: Will the captain’s assignment rule for expulsion

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Season 3 of High Boss will wrap up an interesting seventh week. Now full, the reality show has eliminated five contestants. For the seventh week, eight participants have been nominated for deportation.

The “laundry business job” has landed a lot of TRP for the show. Manikuttan was this week’s most popular contestant. And on the other hand, Ramzan and Sandhya have been nominated for the first time. There has also been a lot of drama this week involving Bhagyalakshmi’s comments to Sai Vishnu.

In today’s episode, the audience will see Bhagyalakshmis and Sandhya prowling with the danger of elimination and Sai Vishnu’s end of the captaincy period.

The voting results for the nomination for week 7

Kidilam Firoz received a maximum of 19% of the vote, followed by Sajna and Firoz 17% of the vote. Ramzan received 15% votes, Nobi – 13%, and Soorya, Sandhya Manoj and Bhagyalakshmi are in the lower rankings.

Rapid analysis of the voting trends

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Both the luxury budget task and the nomination task were the most talked about events of this week. If we analyze the voting trends, we can see that.

  • Firoz’s aggression helped him top the list for the seventh week nomination. In the seventh season he took first place for the first time.
  • The new captain decides on the fate of the participants to be expelled.
  • While Firoz Khan gained popularity this week, it may affect his performance in the house later on.
  • Manikuttan, Adonay and Dimple, these three contestants, are safe from this week’s nomination.

This week’s The Safe and the Dangered Contestant

According to reports, Kidilam Firoz and Sajna / Firoz will be safe this week due to their popular round of voting.

Participants who will be in danger are Sandhya or Bhagyalakshmi, who will most likely be evicted from their homes this week. Previously popular contestants such as Lakshmi Jayan, Remya Panickar and Majiziya Bhanu, among others, were eliminated from the show.

It will be interesting to watch every turn in the plot over the next few weeks of the show.

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