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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3: no elimination this week; Mohanlal skips weekend episodes

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The BIGG BOSS Malayalam started in 2018; after the start it got a huge fan base of people. Bigg boss Malayalam season 3 was created by Asianet in the year 2021, which consists of 14 participants. Bigg boss Malayalam season 3 premiered with a grand opening on February 14, 2021. We’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in members’ job competition to be safe from elimination. Wildcard input was introduced to spice up the game. This week, let’s analyze everything below.

Nominations of the week

For the 8th week, the nominated participants are Adony, Sai, Rithu, Sandhya, Sajna & Firoz.

Abolition of the week

The expelled contestants so far in this show are -Lakshmi Jayan (2nd week), Michelle ann (3rd week), Angel Thomas (4th week), Remya panicker (5th week), Majiziya Bhanu (6th week), Bagyalakshmi (7th week) )

No shutdown is expected this week.

According to many reports, last week’s vote was extended to April 13, 2021, indicating that the round of eviction may take place in the VISHU SPECIAL episode.

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Latest Updates:

It is updated that the host MOHANLAL missed the special weekend episode, thus confirming that there will be no elimination.

While Mohanlal will be back in VISHU’s season 3 special episode of bigg boss Malayalam with some new exciting tasks, the VISHU special episode is believed to feature some new items.

What can be seen next?

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3, as always, has witnessed many diversification dramas. The feud of the famous couple Firoz-Sanas with other contestants strengthened the show’s fan base and earned more followers. According to reports, sandhya or sai, Vishnu could be in danger of deportation, while Sajna-Firoz and Rithu should be safe this week.

Let’s see what’s going to happen?

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