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Big mistake if you’re not considering these wireless earbuds

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Big mistake if you’re not considering these wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are one of the most exciting tech products of our time. That’s the importance of being a market full of wireless earbuds in different price ranges. You are spoiled for choice. In a way, you also tend to get a pretty good idea of ​​what kind of features and performance to expect, for a price tag. For example, if you have a budget of just under Rs 10,000 for wireless earbuds, you should expect largely good sound with large in-game audio drivers, a pretty good looking set of earbuds and case, and even some form of noise cancellation. But that’s before you see the new Soundcore by Anker Liberty Air 2 Pro wireless earbuds, priced at Rs 9,999. They really do offer features and performance that you would otherwise get in wireless earbuds if you spend more than Rs 15,000.

Right from the start, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro does a good job of standing out visually as well. That is easier said than done in a space that is very competitive and as a consumer you have almost countless choices. For example, the case has a very curvy finish that catches your attention pretty quickly. What I have for the review is the Titanium White color, which gives the case a very stone-like look when you see this up close. That is really a premium look. Your other choices are Onyx Black, Sapphire Blue, and Crystal Pink, and I feel like the Blue option can be quite a visual thing too. Unlike standard earbud charging cases with a lid that flips open, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro’s case has a lid mechanism that slides back to reveal the earbuds. It’s all extremely premium to touch, feel and experience. And that’s always helpful if you’ve just bought something after spending your hard-earned cash. The value proposition does not end here. Anker bundles a whopping 9 silicone earbuds of different sizes with the Soundcore Liberty Air2 Pro, and that simply means you won’t have much trouble finding the earbuds that best fit your ear. One thing though, I would have liked some foam earbud options, and that would have seriously pushed the premium heath button forward. Nevertheless, the buds themselves have a fairly conventional stem design and a nice double finish with a hint of silver bordering the white.

Big mistake if you’re not considering these wireless earbuds

The Soundcore app (free for Android and iPhone) is a worthy companion for the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. In fact, this is exactly in terms of the efforts that Sony, Jabra and Sennheiser have put in with the companion apps for their wireless earbuds. The app allows you to take an audio test called HearID that understands which frequencies your ears can or cannot hear and adjusts the sound signature and detailing so you don’t miss the finer elements. It’s something we’ve seen with the Jabra Elite 85t. You can also take a Tip Fit Test, which will help you determine if the size of the earbud you are using is the perfect fit, and if not, a better option will be suggested to choose from the box. We saw this for example with the Apple AirPods Pro, which is more than 2x the price of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. You also get a plethora of EQ settings and the detailed active noise canceling (ANC) options. There are two schools of thought here. Some users just want plug and play and no further complications. And then there are those, including yours, who prefer these options and the ability to tweak the finer things.

Inside each ear are 11mm audio drivers with what Anker calls PureNote driver technology, and these are by definition large and that gives the earbuds a great foundation to build on. I’m sure you’ll appreciate how the Soundcore Liberty Air2 Pro has a pretty neutral sound signature from the start. At least that’s how it is with the default Soundcore EQ setting, and to be fair, Anker’s Soundcore has the right heart rate there to show what these earbuds are capable of. Then there are the usual suspects, including bass amp and vocal amp options, for you to choose from. There is also the custom EQ option. Music, and I preferred the standard EQ, sounds quite broad, unchained, and the finer details are more than noticeable, even if there’s some ambient noise around you. While the demands of the time meant that I didn’t get a chance to wear these in really noisy environments, the noise cancellation does a great job of blocking out the rig around you. Mind you, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro came across with much more powerful noise cancellation, many users may not need to make a lot of calls. The bass comes across as quite refined throughout – it comes in generous amounts, but never sounds too punchy or unnatural. Even the Bass Booster EQ takes it up a notch, but this can’t be called bass-heavy at any point. If you’re looking for earbuds that really pump up the lower frequencies, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro’s refinement won’t allow it to give unnatural boosts.

The battery life is also quite robust. Anker claims 7 hours of battery life for the earbuds with the ANC turned off and 6 hours with it turned on. Most of my use was with ANC out indoors, and battery life was about as claimed. That makes the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro one of the more durable wireless earbuds before needing to be placed in the dock for charging. At that time, the case also works well: it can be charged for up to 20 hours. There’s also the quick charge feature, where with 10 minutes of charging the earbuds, you get 2 hours of listening time. That’s great if you’ve forgotten to charge the earbuds and need them for a quick (and hopefully safe and health-free) commute.

The last word: beautiful sound and great competition from the ring

The Anker Liberty Air 2 Pro Soundcore hasn’t had an easy time. All the way. Competition is tough. Enough choices for users. There is no denying that the Rs 9,999 price tag gives these earbuds a significant advantage over comparably priced rivals as there is more on offer. This is an extremely advanced package overall, one that starts with great looks and adds content every step of the way – the audio hardware, the sound tuning, the companion app, and the ability to tweak along the way. There is absolutely no doubt that the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro gives you premium sound and the kind of feature set you usually see on wireless earbuds that cost around Rs 15,000 or so. However you look at it, Soundcore by Anker leaves its mark on the audio space. Admit it, this brand didn’t think about the memory of the memory when you considered which wireless earbuds to buy? It should, it should be serious.

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