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Big Bang Theory Season 13 : Will Emily and Raj to Come Together for Season 13? Check Out All Details

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Big Bang Theory Season 13

The Big Bang Theory is one of its most successful ventures of all time. Created by the ‘King of Sitcoms’, Chuck Lorre, and Bill Prady, the series brought the network unparalleled ratings peaking as high as 20 million people in viewership. It brought mainstream significance to nerd culture with its focus on science and comic books.

Emily is a dermatologist who contacted Raj through his dating site. In “The Friendship Turbulence”, after Amy has Raj check his dating site, he finds a message from Emily who wants to meet him.

Unfortunately, Emily doesn’t like Raj’s inability to correspond with her directly. Amy and Emily meet to have coffee and Raj barges in to show that he is not that shy.

Why did Big Bang Theory expect to get canceled?

THE Big Bang Theory has been canceled because star Jim Parsons wanted to leave, it is claimed. According to US reports, the sitcom is ending after its twelfth season because the actor, who plays Sheldon Cooper, decided to “walk away” – despite being offered another two-year contract.

Is there a Big Bang Theory Season 13?

A new series of The Big Bang Theory on Netflix has already been shot down but it has not stopped fans discussing what would happen to the main characters. Creators of the series have confirmed series 13 will not happen any time soon.

Will Raj finally get his happy ending with Emily?

Raj broke up with Emily when he developed an interest in a bartender named Claire. But when Claire went back to her ex-boyfriend, a heartbroken Raj begged Emily to take him back, which she refused.

Emily made her final appearance in season 10 episode 14, “The Emotion Detection Automation”, in which Raj invited all his ex-girlfriends to ask them why they broke up with him. In the episode, Emily revealed that she was dating a new guy named Gary and was really happy.

It doesn’t seem like Raj will get a happy ending with Emily. But if the show-runners do decide to reboot the series for a season 13, it is most likely that Raj will get a new partner and considering how in the final season Raj longed for a stable relationship, he might finally find ‘the one’.

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