Best Upcoming Movies and TV Series on Netflix In the Fall of 2020

Netflix is the all-time favorite streaming platform for new movies and TV series, but if you run a movie marathon, it is easy to watch all the new series and movies. Fortunately, Netflix is working hard on producing new original Netflix series and movies, and we have a packed schedule ahead of us.

This year, many online businesses experienced exponential growth, including Netflix, with 16 million new sign-ups thanks to lockdown. We already covered some other Netflix flicks like Enola Holmes here and we bring you more content now.

In this article, we will highlight some of the most anticipated Netflix movies and TV series in the upcoming months in 2020.

Hubie Halloween (Movie)

Adam Sandler played a rather different role than we are used to seeing him in Uncut Gems, and he was so glad about his performance that he threatened to make a really bad movie if he isn’t snubbed for an Oscar for Uncut Gems.

In the end, he wasn’t snubbed for an Oscar, so he is back with a new movie as he promised, and people don’t know what to expect from it.

This is a goofy Halloween movie, as he is trying to take on real-live monsters that nobody believes him that they exist. He is joined up by Julie Bowen, Kenan Thompson, Maya Rudolph, and couple more Hollywood stars. It is scheduled for release on October 7 on Netflix, and we cannot wait to see the final outcome.

The Haunting of Bly Manor (TV Series)

After the success of the last year’s spooky series called The Haunting of Hill House, Mike Flanagan is offering another take on the classic gothic novel Turning of the Screw. The great thing is that he decided to recycle some of the cast members from the first season that will take new roles.

Obviously, Victoria Pedretti and Oliver Jackson-Cohen are going to be the main point of attraction and will take on the leading roles.

Its release is scheduled for October 9, and if you like spooky series, it is definitely a must-watch.

The Crown (Season 4)

Peter Morgan’s historical drama caught the eye of many people and quickly gained popularity. The show continues with a new season, now moving into the ‘80s, and they promised a couple of new exciting faces that joined up the team.

You will be able to see Maggie Thatcher and Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin and Gillian Anderson.

This season is scheduled for release on November 15, which gives you enough time to watch the first three seasons if you still haven’t watched them.

A Week Away (New Movie)

If you are a fan of High School Musical, our favorite teen film, or any other dance musical, then this movie will be perfect for you. The main focus in this movie is Kevin Quinn as a young man who is forced to choose between going to religious summer camp or juvie. He chooses to go to the summer camp, where he meets a girl that will change his life.

It is an interesting family dance movie to watch. Its release is still unknown, but there are rumors that we will be able to watch it on Netflix this fall.

Over the Moon (New Movie)

Over the Moon is the latest creation that is still in development by the famous Disney animator Glen Keane. He is responsible for this incredible animated movie that promises to be heart-melting. It is about a girl who tries to travel to the moon, just to prove the existence of the Moon Goddess.

If you like animated movies, then make sure you watch it when it is released on Netflix. The official release date is still unknown, but we expect it to see it in the holiday season.

Final Words

Fall season might be a sad one for some, due to the end of sunny days, but it brings a whole lot of entertainment. For sports fans, it matches the start of the NFL season and the conclusion of the NBA one, with the finals happening on the start of October (check out the expert picks for these matches here:

Outside of the arenas, there are many more reasons to be excited for Fall, including the new upcoming movies and TV series on Netflix that we listed.

The latest situation with the pandemic slowed down the production of new movies since there are a lot of travel restrictions, but Netflix somehow pushed the boundaries. There is enough content to keep you entertained, even in the unfortunate event of a second lockdown that keeps you forcefully at home confined.

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