Best Minecraft Alternatives: 5 Top Games Like Minecraft to Try in 2020

Minecraft is one of the best online multiplayer titles right now. The crafting giant hit the gaming market in 2009 and since the launch date, the game got immense popularity worldwide. Minecraft allows you to create your own world with the given blocks and really it is a pretty  amazing experience to design your era with your imagination. After observing the popularity of Minecraft many look-alike games of Minecraft reached in the gaming world. And if you are looking for the best Minecraft alternatives to give heights to your crafting skills then you have landed at the right page.

Here we will cover up the top 5 games like Minecraft for smartphones, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC so keep reading till the end to know what are the perfect alternates to Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Alternatives 2020 – Games like Minecraft

Undoubtedly Minecraft is an outstanding crafting game out there but for gaining a whole new gaming experience it is good to jump to its alternates. Also if you have bored with the one game then you must have the awareness of the games with the same elements so let’s check out what are the best look-alike games of Minecraft to try in 2020:


Terraria is an activity in addition to an experience-based sandbox game created by Re-Logic gaming studio. The game’s underlying discharge came in 2011 and it was constrained to simply Microsoft Windows.

Later it was released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation Vita, iOS, and Android in 2013. In 2014, Terraria was launched on Windows Phone, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in the 014 and macOS, Nintendo 3DS, and Linux in 2015.

Not at all like Microsoft or Roblox, Terraria is 2D squares based game which gives it a retro vibe however follows a comparative set-up of ongoing interaction as of Minecraft. Players can entertain themselves into assignments like structure, creating, and mining while at the same time investigating and taking part in the battle with adversaries.

Players are given three fundamental devices for three explicit errands; a pickaxe for burrowing, a hatchet for woodcutting, and a blade for battle. The battle can be brought to use against a wide cluster of foes like zombies, skeletons, evil presences, and so on.

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The next game in the list of best Minecraft alternatives is Robocraft. With a name like Robocraft, it’s reasonable what this online robot fight brawler was motivated by. Develop your bot from an astonishing exhibit of square based parts, and release your creation to clobber it out on advanced outsider universes. There’s a noteworthy cluster of potential outcomes in what you can manufacture as well, from flying machines to tanks to a reproduction Batmobile.

In spite of the fact that the development screen might be a bit complex for amateurs, the game’s tech trees imply that you’re not quickly overpowered by squares. Robocraft has a noteworthy cluster of weapons for your fight bots, letting you battle in an assortment of ways; and increases, for example, protecting and shrouding imply that your innovativeness is the main thing keeping you away from making a definitive blocky bot.

3. Roblox

Roblox is the true rival of Minecraft then how can we forget to mention Roblox to include in the list of Minecraft like games. Roblox is one of the most renowned online multiplayer game where players can play Millions of user-generated games and also create their own game.

While it is very lesser than Minecraft, it is the just one to give such close rivalry in a similar kind. Like Minecraft, Roblox too is a voxel-based sandbox game. Nonetheless, Roblox likewise fills in as an enormous game creation instrument where players can make their own games dependent on the game motor.

These games can be then made accessible for different players to play on the web. Roblox was made in 2004, at first being named DynaBlocks before being renames to Roblox in 2005 and propelling in 2006. It is accessible for playing across Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

Roblox’s client made games are of a wide assortment that incorporates RPG, dream, activity, hack and cut, and so on. A few games are enlivened by motion pictures, games, and different mainstream societal viewpoints. Roblox is complete, a boundless wellspring of fun.

4.Lego Worlds

Another game that worth including in Best Minecraft Alternatives is Lego Worlds that offers you the almost same gameplay as Minecraft. Lego Worlds consolidates the notorious Danish plastic squares with a similar break it, make it, and fabricate it interactivity advocated by Minecraft. Accessible as an early access title still being developed before its full discharge, LEGO Worlds permits players to investigate and shape enormous procedurally produced universes, experiencing weird animals, vehicles, mounts, and situations.

There’s no endurance component, so the emphasis is solidly on gathering studs (the in-game cash), and utilizing it to produce things, for example, pre-fab structures, mounts, and vehicles, or physically assemble and shape the world. It’s still particularly a work in progress, however, it is shockingly cleaned and amusing to meander around in.


In the event that you preferred the possibility of Ark: Survival Evolved yet needed it somewhat more voxel-based, you’ll love PixARK. It gives a comparable game to the well known dino-endurance game, however with a particularly Minecraft contort. You’ll have the option to construct blocky houses, agreeable and ride blocky dinosaurs, and battle others online in blocky PvP battle.

It additionally includes completely destructible conditions, offering a somewhat extraordinary encounter both in PvE and PvP when contrasted with Ark: Survival Evolved.


Ready to give a hand on these best Minecraft alternatives? I hope this post would help you to choose the best game like Minecraft and if you found the post informative then let us inform via the comment section.

If you have played any other game with the same feel of Minecraft then drop it in the comment box as well. Stay connected and keep reading for more fresh updates.

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