Best Kannada Web Series Watch

Best Kannada Web Series Watch

The trend of web series has permeated every language in India today. You can get the best trending web series in Kannada right now as many popular OTT platforms have the same web series in multiple languages. This is an excellent option to get India appeal, and many people enjoy watching web series of different genres from different filmmakers.

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Auto Shankar

The web series is based on the real-life story of a feared serial killer in Chennai named Shankar. He was nicknamed Auto Shankar because he was a motorist by trade before he became a gangster. His rise from rags to riches is brilliantly showcased by the director. The gangster starts to control the whole city by surrendering to politicians and police officers. Since the content is in bold, be aware that it may contain some explicit scenes that may not be suitable for a family audience. Even the violence is shown in a rustic way that will appeal to an audience that likes realistic cinema. The performance by protagonists is excellent. You will surely remember this story for many years to come because of its interesting approach to storytelling.

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Tamildhool 2020


The story centers on a scientist played by Prasanna who discovers an alternative to conventional fuel. His discovery has the potential to change the whole situation of the petroleum industry. What happens to his discovery and the challenges he faces make up the rest of the story. The director has brought a unique story of a little scientist who struggles with his inventions to impress those around him. You will fall in love with the character as this will generate a lot of sympathy if everyone neglects their achievements.

What’s Kelasagarthi

Dhanya Balakrishna stars in this modern story about a girl who is tech-savvy. The way she interacts with her boss is interesting, which creates a rift between her boss and his wife. Everything is told in a lighter tone, which will hit the right note with young people. The performance by protagonists is very good. The director has done a great job with funny dialogues between the maid and her boss. Overall, the story seems good enough for a weekend watch with friends and family.

Mrs. Subbalakshmi

The adventurous story of a young housewife neglected by her husband will be this weekend’s best watch. Manchu Lakshmi plays the main character Subbalakshmi along with Srinivas Avsarla. Subbalakshmi leaves the house without notifying anyone to seek her inner strength. There is a lot of humor in the story, which attracts every segment of the audience. The emotions are mixed in the right way too, and this makes for good entertainment for the family audience.

Husi Nagu

If you enjoy watching women-oriented movies that don’t have too much emotional content, you should check out this thriller. It’s about the life of a young woman who accidentally kills her husband. Even though she seems innocent, things aren’t that simple when she didn’t want to marry her husband in the first place. The family members also have their share of this crime as they have hidden intentions to get this couple married. The performance of the protagonists is thrilling to say the least and will be remembered for many years to come.

Gods of Dharmapuri

Stories revolving around the underworld can always get interesting if supported by powerful performances and right direction. Gods of Dharmapuri is one such series with an excellent cast and a catchy storyline. It is about the life of the protagonist, who quickly becomes the don of the underworld. The way he controls everyone in that region is interesting because it is portrayed realistically.


The web series tells the story of a young couple who are cheated by their gambling money. The main character bets money on cricket bets in various ways, which puts him in trouble after winning the match. The gambling money that should be delivered via hawala ends up in the hands of another couple. The game of cat and mouse starts with the original winner chasing the couple who cheated on him that gambling money. The actors are new, and this is the reason for some delay in the web series. However, the director has tried to get the best out of them through interesting camera angles coupled with a good background score.


The tough web series is about the life of an agent who deals with complicated matters. Coming from the makers of CID, which was seen on national television for years, you can expect exciting moments from this series. However, you should be warned that the series contains offensive content with realistic violence, which may not be suitable for children and families.


The story will melt your heart with human emotions in every form. It’s about a postman named Raja, who is a big fan of Rajinikanth. He has an accident and falls into a coma. After 23 years, he regains consciousness and wants to deliver the letters he had on the day of the accident. This leads to many emotional situations because people have missed those letters, which played a vital role in their lives. The performance of the protagonist Munishkanth and his daughter is outstanding, and you will fall in love with their on-screen chemistry.


The hard-hitting web series is about the lives of five teenagers who become addicted to marijuana. The love story between the leading couple in this gang gets interesting when they get deep into this racket. Situations force them to become a peddler, and they pay a heavy price for this decision. The social issues surrounding drug abuse among young people are beautifully portrayed. Director deserves some credit for trying such a daring story with young actors.

Poison 2

Poison 2 is a crime thriller web series released on Zee5. You can view it anytime if you have a subscription. It was released on October 16, 2020. In this series of Poison 2 there are 11 episodes in total. Poison 2 includes love, trust, honesty, friendship, companionship and truthfulness with revenge, passion, anger, deceit and redemption. Poison 2 series was created by Vinayak Jain and Amit K Bhargava. In this series Poison 2 you can see Aftab Shivdasani as Aditya Singh Rathore, Raai Laxmi as Sara Matthews Oberoi, Pooja Chopra as Isha Khanna, Rahul Dev as Sikander Malik, Vin Rana as Oscar Matthews, Zain Imam as Harshvardhan Oberoi and many more.

You are likely to be spoiled for choice with so many options. Make sure to check the rating of these web series before watching them with family. It is very easy to download them from different portals. All you need to do is search the internet for your favorite series to get the download links for these series.


In the Joshelay series there are 28 people who are mentally and physically handicapped, and the Joshelay series is a compilation of those inspiring stories.

The Joshelay series is available for free on various platforms such as Youtube and Facebook. The Joshelay series was written, created and directed by Vinayak Joshi.

There are seven episodes and seven soundtracks in the Joshelay series. The main roles in Joshelay’s series were played by Vinayak Joshi, Duttanna and Upendra. It is a Kannada web series. It was released on September 20, 2018. It was produced by Vinayak Joshi and Joshi Chitra. The Joshelay series was shot in Bengaluru and was edited by Santhosh Radhakrishnan.

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