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Best Free alternatives of Netflix and Hulu in 2020

Watch and Download Movies Online
Free alternatives to Netflix and Hulu
Watch and Download Movies Online

Watch and Download Movies Online

Best Free alternatives of Netflix and Hulu: Netflix and Hulu may be one of the biggest and most well-known video streaming services in the world, but it sure isn’t the only one. There are a lot of Netflix and Hulu alternatives that are free of cost.

In this article, we are going to share some legal apps and websites which can be considered as good free alternatives to Netflix and Hulu.

Best Free alternatives of Netflix and Hulu

1. Vudu – Most family movies

Vudu is best known as a movie rental service, but it also has more than 3,000 movies and 250 TV shows available for free.

Great for: Family movies. While Vudu also has a decent selection of horror and action flicks, it’s the best service around for kid’s movies. As a bonus for parents, most of them were released in the 1990-2010 range, so they can double as a nice nostalgia trip.

2. Hoopla

Hoopla has emerged as one of the most substantial alternatives to subscription-based streaming services, as the digital platform offers over 850,000 movies, TV shows, albums, and books.

If the service partners with your local library, then you’ll have access to its deep catalog of options—including lots of material aimed at entertaining children.

3. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix seems to be one of the most popular free streaming sites out there. They have a wide variety of genres, including comedy, drama, documentaries, and family/kids’ movies.

Watch and Download Movies Online

The site does have a nice variety of films in each genre, however, Popcorn Flix has an abundance of “mature audience” films, even in its documentaries section.

4. Tubi

For a while, most people didn’t know about Tubi. But after a study revealed that the free streaming platform actually ranked in the top ten of most downloaded streaming apps in 2020, it was clear that Tubi was no longer a movie lover’s best-kept secret.

Tubi offers access to a number of movies and TV shows. Tubi makes money by running ads during the viewing experience, but many of its movies and shows are offered without ads as well.

5. Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online is another free streaming service that’s probably more suited for mature audiences.

Although I did find some fascinating choices such as documentaries including The Michael Jackson Story: The Man in the Mirror, and Johnny Cash: American Rebel, and TV series such as The Green Hornet, most of the choices on this site are definitely for adult viewers.

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Watch and Download Movies Online

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