Best Anime Movies on Netflix India

Best Anime Movies on Netflix India: Netflix now has so many anime series or movies. But when it comes to Netflix India, the choices suddenly become limited. But even after the limitations and fewer titles available, there are some absolute classics on Netflix India that you should check out. We’ve already covered the best anime series you should watch on Netflix India. Read here 10 best anime to watch on Indian Netflix

Now is the time to list the best anime movies available right now. The list is regularly updated as more and more titles are added. Making this list wasn’t easy by any means, there are so many underrated gems that should definitely be kept an eye out for. But we managed to pick out the 10 best anime movies on Netflix India that you should definitely watch.

10. NiNoKuni

We start our list with one of the underrated gems itself. This movie has some issues, but you can look past all of that. It’s a Slice Of Life movie at its core, and it’s great. It can get a bit sluggish and mundane for you as it lacks that dramatic edge. But it doesn’t need to, because this is not a drama film. It’s just a story about people’s daily lives during the war. It has one of the best cinematographies I’ve ever seen.

9. Flavors of the youth

It’s one of the best looking movies ever, period. The animation, cinematography and even the music is so good. The film communicates with us with three different stories. It’s an anthology movie so it can be difficult to take an interest in stories as they are very short. But just go and watch, the sheer brilliance of the animation will keep you standing in front of your screen from start to finish.

8. The End of Evangelion

How can you not name the movie that defined the entire generation? People think The End Of Evangelion isn’t a good movie if you haven’t seen the entire series. But it’s a great movie in itself. The music is as good as ever, the animation is just stunning and the story just makes you feel what every other Evangelion movie is made for. The feeling of loneliness, isolation, self-hatred and crying is constant. It is so beautiful and disturbing at the same time that it is simply a sight to behold.

7. In this corner of the world

Do you want to be traumatized while watching a movie? This is him. This is the kind of movie that will make you smile from light to cry and smile again at the end. It’s a fast movie so it won’t bore you.

6. Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

If you think this movie is anything like the original series, then you are wrong. It’s a well-written story with great animation (you don’t expect anything else from Violet Evergarden). It’s a brand new thing and it’s a beautiful story just waiting to be watched.

5. My neighbor Totoro

Let’s just watch a fun time-sweet movie that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy in your happy glands. There is something magical about Studio Ghibli that even without special effects, they create a magic that is difficult to recreate by any other studio. Just watch this movie by putting all your worries aside and having fun.

4. A Whisker Away

I think this is one of the most overlooked movies of all time. It is not getting the recognition it deserves. It’s such a captivating and recognizable movie that you really feel for the characters. The tempo is smooth, just the way you want it. The animation may be of an acquired taste, but it doesn’t matter once you get lost in the movie.

3. Spirited Away

We are now in dangerous territory. Each film from this one is a masterpiece in itself. Spirited Away is considered one of the best anime movies out there. The animation is one of the best you will ever see. The storyline is so unique and so powerful that you cannot look away for a moment. Just do yourself a favor and watch this. Of course after you have read this entire list once.

2. Whisper Of The Heart

Ghibli Studios usually makes simple and grounded movies that touch your heart and this one is the best example of that. Like all the other Ghibli movies, the plot is normal, but the execution is so good that you will watch it again and again. This movie takes all the time it takes to establish everything without feeling long. It takes all the stories and throws all the emotions at us without being forced. This is a masterpiece and do yourself a favor and watch it.

1. A silent voice

I am grateful that Netflix India has brought this movie. Everything is so unreal and emotional in this one. It is so well made that even manga would be proud of it. It captures the complexity of all the characters so well. It’s an amazing movie, and whoever thinks it isn’t, you’re just wrong.

Well, here is our list of Top 10 Anime Movies on Netflix. If you know of any other movie that we may have missed, let us know in the comment box below.

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