Best 5 Underrated Crime Thriller Movies & Webseries!!

Crime dramas are some of the most popular TV shows on Netflix at the moment.

The shows are constantly attracting a wide audience due to their intense and thrilling themes.

It also got me thinking about the lesser-known, underrated crime movies. The great ones that never seem to quite make it into anyone’s all-time list.

Here are 5 of the most underrated crime and mystery web-series and Movies.

1. The Stranger (2020)

  • The Stranger was one of the most talked-about shows of 2020. The series follows a man as he tries to track down his wife after she mysteriously disappears.
  • The deeper he investigates, the more the mystery seems to revolve around a stranger he met before his wife vanished.

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2. The Valhalla Murders (2020)

An Oslo detective with a painful past returns to his native Iceland to help a police officer hunt for a serial killer with a link to a mysterious photograph
First episode date8 March 2020
Production location(s): Reykjavík, Iceland
Number of episodes: 8
Languages: Icelandic, English.

3. Damnation

Damnation is an American period crime drama set in 1931 at the height of the Great Depression. As labor strikes and wage wars spread, the show focuses on a man named Seth Davenport, a drifter who poses as a preacher. Davenport rallies workers to stand up against their greedy bosses and predatory banks.

4. The Death of Dick Long  

The Death of Dick Long is a 2019 black comedy-drama film directed and produced by Daniel Scheinert and written by Billy Chew.

The film stars Michael Abbott Jr., Virginia Newcomb, Andre Hyland, Sarah Baker, Jess Weixler, Roy Wood Jr., and Sunita Mani. It premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival on January 26, 2019, and was released by A24 on September 27, 2019.

5. Top Boy

Top Boy complicates the “bad gangster” narrative by making young, aspiring drug dealers in an East London apartment complex its protagonist. Most of the action focuses on young business partners Sully and Dushane who both vie for the “top boy” position in their growing crime ring.

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