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Best 5 Indian Web-series Based On True Events!!

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Best 5 Indian Web-series Based On True Events.

In the ever-growing digital space, the number of possibilities for unique and original content is immense.

However, creators also have the freedom to showcase certain events which have occurred in real-life more elaborately with multi-episode web series.

If you like watching some serious content based on real-life events, you are in luck as we list a few well-made Indian web series that took inspiration from a true story.

Best 5 Indian Web-series Based On True Events.

1. The Chargesheet: Innocent Or Guilty

The story revolves around the murder of a national badminton champion (later changed to Table Tennis) and the mystery behind it.

Is the Chargesheet a real story?

 The story revolves around the murder of a seven-time national badminton champion, Shiraz Malik.
The series is based on the real-life murder of Syed Modi who was indeed an eight-time national badminton champion.

2. Kaafir

Inspired by a true story, The web series narrates the story of Kainaz Akhtar (Mirza), a woman from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir who ends up in a jail in India and is declared a militant. She gives birth to a daughter in jail.

The web-series show- How the battle between Indian and Pakistan has adversely affected the lives of individuals in each nation.

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3. The Verdict: State vs Nanavati

The Verdict: State vs Nanavati is inspired by a true story from the famous KM Nanavati vs State of Maharashtra case.

It focuses on the 1959 murder case when a decorated naval officer KM Nanavati fired three bullets and shot dead businessman Prem Ahuja.

4. The Forgotten Army

Instead of being hailed as heroes by Indians, they were deemed traitors by the British government.

Furthermore, after India’s independence in 1947, the stories of the INA soldiers which also included the first-ever female regiment was lost in the pages of history.

5. Avrodh: The Siege Within

The story recounts the planning that went into the Indian government’s decision to avenge the killing of 19 soldiers at an Army base camp in Uri with surgical strikes on terrorist launch pads across Line of Control (LoC).

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