Behind Her Eyes: Meet the cast of the must-watch Netflix thriller

Secrets, lies and dangerous things, Behind her eyes is the must-have drama of the month if you like dark TV shows and full of twists and turns.

Based on Sarah Pinborough’s best-selling novel, this six-part series will shock and chill you out.

From the producers of The Crown and starring Simona Brown, Tom Bateman and Eve Hewson, this is another Netflix series everyone will be talking about.

Ahead of the series release on February 17th, here’s a quick guide to Behind Her Eyes’ cast and characters …

Louise Barnsley – Played by Simona Brown


Louise Barnsley is a young single mother whose otherwise dull life takes a turn for the worse when she starts dating her handsome – and married – boss, psychiatrist David Ferguson.

After a chance meeting with David’s wife Adele, Louise befriends her and becomes entangled in a love triangle of secrecy and lies. In addition to her guilt, she is often plagued by night terrors that manifest as a result of past trauma.

Where have you seen Simona Brown before?

Simona previously started in the Channel 4 and Netflix series Kiss Me First, Simon Pegg movie Man Up, ITV’s HIM, the BBC adaptation of John le Carré’s Little Drummer Girl, The Night Manager, The Casual Vacancy and the award-winning BBC drama Murdered By My boyfriend.

Simona Brown on Behind Her Eyes

‘Louise is very recognizable. She’s a single mom who plunges into her son all her life, to the point where she’s kind of forgotten about herself and who she is. I think she has no confidence and despises herself, but is also very nice.

She bravely pulls a face as if all is well when she’s really a mess and has past trauma that she hasn’t quite gotten over and that manifests in night terrors that she experiences quite regularly.

So she’s not only dealing with single mother and divorcee, she’s also dealing with these night terrors and plowing through a normal, everyday and cyclical life.

“Then she meets this mysterious man on a rare night out and it’s the formula of a rom-com. You think it’s going to be romantic and amazing, but he abruptly ends their kiss and disappears into the night without explanation, giving her confidence. even lower.

“She later finds out that he is her new boss and that she must be his secretary, and the story unfolds.”

Simona Brown on the big spin of the show

“I was completely baffled when I read the scripts. I was like ‘Mom… this happened!’ I couldn’t believe it, I had to go back to the beginning and read it again, I was convinced there would be some plot holes, but there really weren’t.

And if you read it again, you see lines that get really deep into what happens later. It twists and then it twists again and you remain disfigured. It was great, and I thought, ‘I’d love to do this’ so I went ahead and did a self-tape. The rest is history. “

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David Ferguson – Tom Bateman

David Ferguson is the handsome and mysterious psychiatrist who begins an affair with his secretary, Louise Barnsley, while still married to the beautiful and seemingly perfect Adele. He is burdened with guilt and self-hatred, and hides secrets that he and Adele both share. Regardless of his efforts, he cannot keep his two worlds separate or escape the past.

Tom Bateman in Behind Her EyesNetflix

Where have you seen Tom Bateman before?

Bateman is best known for his performance in the all-star adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express starring Kenneth Branagh. He will return to play Bouc again in the sequel Death on the Nile.

He also starred in the revenge thriller Cold Pursuit with Liam Neeson, Snatched with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer, and as Rawdon Crawley in ITV’s Vanity Fair.

Other TV appearances included ITV’s Jekyll and Hyde, Beecham House, The Honorable Woman, Parade’s End and The Tunnel.

Tom Bateman on Behind Her Eyes

“David is a psychiatrist / therapist and husband. Those roles take his time until he starts having an extramarital affair. We shot the flashback scenes in Scotland first, which meant I could approach him from scratch.

“In the beginning he is a young eager man who comes off a farm and tries to find his way. There is a beautiful scene where I say, ‘I didn’t know what I wanted to be, I knew I wanted out and something different his’ and in a meta way, what happens to him affects the choices he makes.

‘He wants to help people. His wife Adele has so many problems and he tries to understand people and help them through difficult times. In a way, he’s a great man.

“He does an awful lot for other people. The change is happening towards the end when he really starts to go ‘No, I have to look out for number one’ and for the first time in his life he thinks he has to look at himself.”

Tom Bateman on the big spin of the show

“It’s very important that the twist is not known. I would forgive an audience for giving the twist away because it means they were so excited to tell their friends about it, and hopefully it would be a recommendation.

“But online, someone can ruin it for millions very quickly, and I hope it doesn’t. If you enjoy it enough to give it the twist, hopefully you would respect the play and enjoyment of others.”

Adele Ferguson – Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson as Adele in Behind Her EyesNetflix

Adele Ferguson is lonely and isolated in her marital home shared with husband David. Desperate to make her once-loving husband happy, Adele submissively accepts whatever little autonomy she has left.

It’s only when she secretly befriends David’s mistress, Louise – something she hasn’t had for a long time – she feels empowered to take back control of her own life.

Where have you seen Eve Hewson before?

Eve recently starred in the acclaimed BBC One drama The Luminaries and the biopic Tesla opposite Ethan Hawke.

She appeared as Maid Marian alongside Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx in Robin Hood in 2018 and has credits such as Bridge of Spies, This Must Be The Place and HBO’s The Knick.

Tom Bateman on working with Eve Hewson

“It was heaven. We work in a similar way – we play a lot and keep it very light and approach the scene as a couple. In a play like this, it’s hard to do because you’re so against each other, but in the morning. Having a big hug, laughing around in the makeup trailer, and discussing the scene as a couple is helpful.

Then you can break up and attack each other, and as soon as they say ‘cut’ you can get back together. It was very collaborative and we often had discussions saying, ‘How was that for you?’ She’s brilliant and so creative and fun. We were immediately on fire and I loved working with her. “

Rob – Robert Aramayo

Robert Aramayo as Rob in Behind Her EyesNetflix

Rob is Adele’s best friend from her past, seen in flashbacks from their time together in a mental hospital. Drug addicted and troubled, he is deeply attracted to Adele’s kindness and dedication to helping him endure his demons. Rob can’t bear the thought of not being a part of his best friend’s life in the real world.

Where have you seen Robert Aramayo before?

You may have seen Aramayo in the Netflix series Mindhunter, the Nikolaj Coster-Waldau movie Suicide Tourist, Nocturnal Animals or as young Ned Stark in Game of Thrones.

He is also currently filming the Amazon TV series Lord of the Rings in New Zealand.

Watch Behind Her Eyes on Netflix from February 17

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