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Beastars Season 2 Episode 10 Release date, watch online and preview

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Legoshi has returned to school after getting involved in a fight. He started training Gouhin to immediately control his carnivores. He also finds that Tema has been eaten by Rizu, but as an accident. The carnivores began to control their instincts to avoid eating the herbivores. Let’s see what got her on Beastars Season 2 below.

Louis teams up with Leo Group as their boss and he decided to cut with Haru and others. He reveals that the Golden Age of the Shishigumi is approaching. Ibuki replies that it is all thanks to the herbivores. But something unusual has happened regarding the Wonder Drug Shop. Below you can see what the timetable has to offer.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 10 will release on Thursday March 10, 2021 at 12:55 PM, officially on Netflix. Beastars are available every Thursday. Check out the following details below.

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Ibuki reveals that they are struggling to get the elephant’s tusks for their medicines from the Drug Shop. Louis notes that they are a vital source of their income, and Ibuki said someone might be stealing them. He orders Ibuki to investigate, while Legoshi is also investigating. He realizes that the data of animals he wants to protect is gradually increasing. Legoshi thinks Louis scent is a scent that stands out among the rest.

Gouhin notices that Legoshi is addicted to his job and calls out his name. They are busy capturing the carnivores that the herbivores want to eat. After capturing them, they send them to rehab. Gouhin said today they are after two guys addicted to gazelle meat. The two boys show up and Legoshi agrees he can handle them. Legoshi lands on the ground and the two punks ask what his problem is.

Beastars Season 2

He realizes he has to use the method that Gouhin taught him. Legoshi takes down those two punks in two moves. One of the Lions hiding nearby saw that their kind had been taken down. Gouhin praises Legoshi for eliminating threats without sweating. He is happy that he makes his job look easier.


Gouhin notices that Legoshi is still lifting weights, and told him to stop. Legoshi tells himself that he is not strong enough to defeat the brown bear. Gouhin told him not to do it in such a way that he would injure himself. Legoshi said the culprit is the brown bear. Gouhin told him to seek allies as the pressure will crush him at this rate.

Legoshi realizes that he used to have an ally who always supported him. He’s afraid Louis is gone. Legoshi wonders where Lous can go. A patient who has eaten two ferrets arrives and receives medication from Dr. Gouhin. Gouhin reveals that she is recovering quickly. Legoshi asks Gouhin why he never reports the killers to the police. Gouhin reveals that he is doping justice according to his feeling.

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He mentions that the world is not simply that someone can make a better place by punishing everyone. Gouhin believes the carnivores can change their ways if they try. He said he just gave them a shoulder to lean on. Kibi is recovering in the hospital. Tao visited him and carried flowers for him as an apology for breaking his hand. He reveals that he has been suspended for breaking Kibi’s arm.

Boss of the Shishigumi

Beastars Season 2

Beastars Season 2

Kibi asks Tao to touch his arm, and Tao is scared. Tao said he has promised never to touch the herbivore again. Kibi said he could get close to him, and he wants to befriend carnivores. Tao went to Kibi and touched his arm, and they both laugh. Legoshi was captured by Leo Group. Louis arrives and he can believe that Logoshi is in a place like this. Free said, “Boss, this man (Legoshi) is the one who ate our flesh.”

Legoshi is surprised that Louis is the boss of the Shishigumi. Free grabs Legoshi by his coat. Legoshi’s tail wagged with excitement that he met Louis after a long time. Ibuki asks why and the Loe Group started beating Legoshi. They think that Legoshi is the one who steals the elephant’s tusk.

Louis thinks he was a fool, since Legoshi had been stealing meat from the Black Market since high school. Louis told Leo to stop. He pretended not to know Legoshi, and they went to the hall where they questioned him. Legoshi told them that he is 27 years old, Haruo, and that he is a big fox. Legoshi and Louis went to the roof to clear up the misunderstanding. Louis said Legoshi could hit him.

But Legoshi hugs him and asks why he is here. He told Louis that Haru is waiting for him to come home. Legoshi reveals that Haru dumped her, and Leo arrives. They wanted to eliminate Legoshi butheuseLouis as bait. He whispered the truth to Louis and jumped off the roof. Louis realized that Rizu is to blame and he will work hard by his side. In the morning, Rizu breaks the mop and looks at the herbivore.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 10 Preview

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