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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Release Date, Expected Features and Gameplay

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BGMI: Release Date, Expected Features and Gameplay
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Yes! Finally, after waiting almost a year, The Indian version of PUBG mobile-Battlegrounds Mobile India, or simply called BGMIs early access, is now open and players are all excited to see the BGMI release date or The PUBG mobile India release date. Today we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about this upcoming Battleroyal game made especially for India. It was on September 2, 2020 when the Indian government banned the game for privacy reasons. This was also a result of mounting tension between India and China, which led to the ban on apps backed by Chinese investors in India, sadly including Pubg Mobile.

Since the ban, there have been several rumors that claimed that PUBG Mobile will soon become the Indian version, and all these leaks and rumors will finally come to an end when the beta version of BGMI was released under the South Korean company Krafton, instead of the Chinese one. company Tencent Games when the game was known as PUBGM in India, on Thursday via Play Store. Yes, the beta version of the game has only been released for Android and we don’t know when BGMI Beta for IOS will be released.

But unfortunately, many were unable to participate in the beta program because the beta invite was limited. The good news is that Krafton has confirmed that it will allow more players into the beta version of the game, but the date has not been specified. While it is possible to download BGMI Beta through third parties, we recommend that you only download through the Play Store when the game is officially released.

BGMI: Is it possible to transfer data from Global PUBGM?

From the very first day when the rumors about PUBGM India started, people have been asking if it would be possible to transfer their data in PUBGM to BGMI, and the answer to that is Yes. Players who log in with their Facebook or Twitter account will be asked if they are interested in uploading their data from Global PUBGM to those who agree, they will be able to transfer all data from the Global PUBGM to BGMI.

This data includes their user ID, all their inventory, UC, and even their RPs are transferred. Players can transfer their data in PUBGM to BGMI by December 31, 2020. However, please note that after transferring the data, the players will no longer be able to transfer their data from BGMI to Global PUBGM.

BGMI vs PUBGM: What’s the Difference?

While there are no major gamers that the memes were making fun of before the beta release, Battlegrounds Mobile India has minor changes that could affect the overall gaming experience. The main difference that players will notice is the green blood effects, with the only option to change the blood effect color to dark green and yellow. There is no red color, unlike the one that was present in the Global PUBGM.

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BGMI: Release Date, Expected Features and Gameplay

Other changes include the game time reminder and even game time restrictions for underage users, along with the constant mention of the virtual training ground and also have no real similarities as the game is just a simulation. Another change that many players will notice is the Finished indication instead of the Kills in PUBGM. After finish enemies, they will disappear with leaves floating in the air. All other in-game content such as game modes, maps and the royale pass is the same as the global version, although many say the UC prices are higher than the global PUBGM.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

Since the open beta of Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available for download from Google Play Store for Android users, it is very natural to expect the BGMI release date to come soon. Rumors indicate that the public version of Battlegrounds Mobile India will be released on June 18. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, as it’s pretty certain that the public version won’t be released just a day after the beta release.

BGMI release date

Beta tests usually take a few days before being released publicly. Perhaps the leaks pointed to the game’s beta release date. It is also said that the beta will be out until July 18, so we can assume that the BGMI release date will be July 18 instead of June 18. This seems credible as the game is in beta and it will be some time before the game is released publicly. This time could be enough for Krafton’s developers to fix any bugs in the game as well.

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