Basic guide to understand gym class names

There are so many new disciplines derived from fitness that it is easy to get confused with the name of the classes available in the gym, but with this little guide, you’ll have a clearer idea of ​​what a running, cross-fit session is all about. Take a look before deciding what to sign up for.

Some have remained simple fleeting fads, but others remain so new training modalities who combine fitness with dance, yoga, boxing, martial arts. The world of fitness is evolving and now there are many options offered to gyms to stay in shape, burn calories, and increase strength and endurance. Discover them and choose the one that best suits your preferences and your goals.

What’s behind the names of the gym classes?

Is there a name for a class your gym offers that doesn’t sound right to you? It’s a very common thing. Check out our list of group gym classes to know what they are and what benefits they can bring you. There is definitely one you don’t know that is waiting for you:

To turn

It is one of the group classes that has more followers, because the so-called indoor bike is perfect for burning calories by pedaling on the spinning bike to the rhythm of the music while also doing exercises to strengthen arms and stomach. These are dynamic classes of approximately 45 minutes, in which you will sweat your shirt through cardiovascular training.


It is one of the names of gym classes which initially “misleads”, but knowing that the acronym means: Buttocks, abs and legs, you get an idea that every GAP routine focuses on the core and lower body work. They are usually short sessions, where you work with music and do exercises at a gentle / moderate pace that are typical for aerobics and step. Firm buttocks, flat stomach and toned legs are undoubtedly interesting.


It’s not exactly a classroom, but an accessory, an elastic band that attaches to a wall or ceiling that has handles for holding (or holding) arms or legs. The TRX training is intended for suspension training only use your body weight as resistance. It is super effective if, in addition to gaining strength and stamina, you also want to improve skills such as balance and flexibility.

Cross fit

Fun, dynamic and one excellent option if you want to lose pounds and be in top shape. This is a crossfit session, one of the gym classes this has aroused the most interest in recent years. Crossfit is a demanding workout that combines fast cardio and strength exercises with minimal rest times. All muscle groups are trained and no two lessons are exactly the same.

Body Combat

If you choose this kind of fitness, you don’t have to fight anyone, but you will learn basic movements of various contact sports such as boxing, takewondo or karate. Throwing fists, kicking, twisting, jumps… it’s also an intense workout and is perfect for gaining strength, burning calories and taking stress out of battle.

Body pump

It’s strength training, but a completely different way to build muscle. In a Body Pump class, usually for an hour, the different muscle groups are trained according to different melodies that mark the changes of exercises. Deadlift, bicep curls, squats, abs, plank… and all with extra weight to increase resistance.


It is one of the lesser known gym class names on the moment, but it will look familiar. The Cxworx is a new trend in fitness that refers to a type of workout whose main purpose is strengthen the core. To the rhythm of music and using elements such as elastic bands or discs, 30 minutes of Cxworx involves intensive training of all the muscles of the central part of the body to gain strength and stability.

These are just some of the names of the classes you have in the gym, but the list grows every day with new and original sports that never cease to amaze us, which one are you going to dare to do?

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