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Bamini and Boys Web Series All episodes on Disney + Hotstar

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Bamini and Boys Web Series All episodes

The series is being produced under the banner of Zoom Studio and produced by Jagadish Moolachandani, Surab Bowal, Siddharth Maitreya, Jahan Kaur and Rishabh Seth. The piece was co-written by Shayani Shetty, Nibul Malik, Hemant Jangali, Nikhil Desai, and Partha Desai. Lately, this ROM-com series has been launched online and viewers love it. The solid and story of Bamini & Boys has caught the attention of many viewers and now this internet series is under noticeable dialogue online.

Bamini & Boys Web Series: Description

Title Web series: Bamini and the Boys Prime Artist: Akashdeep Arora, Anuj Pandit Sharma, Rishabh Saada Style: The well-being of affection Director: Ashish Ranglani Product House: Zoom Studio; Greenlight merchandise launch date: May 7, 2021

Bamini and Boys Web Series: Which OTT Website Has Acquired Its Digital Rights?

Many filmmakers digitally publish their films or series to reach the largest audience or viewers on OTT websites. At 7 p.m., the Bimini & Boys internet series Could 2021 launched, online at Disney and Hotstar. Guests can download and stream the content of this entertaining Internet series from this OTT website. The online series was filmed in numerous places similar to Adarva School in Mumbai and the identical bungalow. Vidya Malwade, Rishabh Saada, Akashdeep Arora and Anuj Pandit Sharma, who are portrayed in this Rome com drama, are the protagonists of this net series. Rishabh Saada performs Abhinav and Akashdeep performs Arora Hardik. In the meantime, Anuj Pandit as Utpal and Vidya Malvade on the other as the main female heroine of the series, Bamini.

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Bamini and Boys Web Series Digital Launch: The place to look?

‘Bamini and Boys’ premiered on Could 7, 2021 and viewers are having fun with the entertaining and hilarious content. The series is one of the most popular OTT websites, especially Disney + Hotstar. The running time of each episode is 10 to 15 minutes and is marketed in Hindi. Due to the short amount of time, guests can simply use their time to stream this Internet series and have fun with this entertaining content anytime. If you haven’t seen this net series yet, be a part of this OTT platform and stream Bamini & Boys on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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