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Back Arrow Episode 15: release date, watch online and preview

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Kai and Ren have challenged Prax and Arrow, who got Kai above the wall. Arrow reveals the hidden truth about the wall, but Kai refuses to listen. Kai manages to defeat Prax and Arrow. When he was about to kill them, Fines stops him. She told Kai that she is his opponent. Kai has no match for Princess Fine, and Zetsu decided to clash with Fines. He reveals that it will be a confrontation between the ruler and transform into another powerful form. Princess Fine also transforms, and both sides watch as the rulers are about to collide.

Arrow, Prax, Bit, and Atlee are concerned if Princess Fines controls her evil side. Fines call Zetsu the old guy and ask him to touch the young body. Zetsu attacks fines, but she jumps up and Zetsu notices that he is starting to enjoy the fight. But fines note that Zetsu has a problem manifesting. Zetsu notes that normal warpers cannot handle his conviction. Fines call Zetsu an old guy again, and Zetsu said he’d let her call him young.

Previously on Back Arrow episode 14

Zetsu unleashes a shield to stop Fines’ spinning Toe Kick. But the shield was destroyed and they began to change the blows. Fines manage to take Zetsu down and make him lick her toes. She reminds him of her words, and Goh can’t believe his majesty is being smitten like that. The citizens wonder what’s wrong with Fine, since they’ve never seen this side of her. She talks about perverse things while destroying Zetsu. Citizens know their Fine will never say such things.

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Youthful conviction

The men who admire her in town ask each other if this is their princess. Kai told Goh and Batsu not to worry. Zetsu is only joking with Fine. He reveals that their highness cannot be beaten like that. Zetsu started to laugh at Fines, who asks him if he is enjoying this. She also notes that Zetsu is the heartless dude. Zetsu reminds her that she will show her what a real showdown between the rulers is. Princess Fine notes that she will reward the old guy with something better.

She let go of a knife and tried to penetrate Zetsu’s armor. Princess Fine notes that she will pierce, dig and drill deep inside Zetsu. Zetsu unleashes tremendous power and destroys Fine’s knife. Princess Fine becomes enraged and lets go of another knife. Zetsu reveals that he will consume some of Fine’s youthful beliefs. Commander Prax notes that Zetsu absorbed the particles that made up Briheights. Kai reveals that Emperor Zetsu is hungry for more.

Zetsu notes that Fine’s youthful belief has a whiff of two flavors, two split personalities, and it tastes good. He also knows he’s lucky to get double the fun. Zetsu leveled up and began to dominate Fine. Princess Fine has just lost the will to fight. Commander Prax decided to help her, but Kai stops her, telling her not to get involved in a one-on-one fight.

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Love in battle

Back arrow

Back arrow

Arrow blocked Kai’s attack and told Prax to calm down. He reveals that they still don’t know if they can beat these two. Kai notes that no matter how many they are, they get kicked in the butt. Ren said people like Lutoh’s warriors wouldn’t beat them. Atlee, Eisha and other warriors fly to the battlefield and say they will not be defeated. Batsu and Goh are on their way and notice that they have to go through it first. Zetsu asks Fine if she doesn’t want to fight or if she just surrendered.

Princess Fine’s emotion of love woke up, and she notes that there is not enough love. She reveals that she will show them love in battle. Fines change and go somewhere. The high-ups reveal that she is heading for the 4th line of defense at the canyon. Later the princes showed the enemies with love strokes and defeated Zetsu. They decided to end the fight and form an alliance.

Back Arrow Episode 15 Release date and preview

Back Arrow Episode 15 will be released on Saturday April 16, 2021 at 12:00 AM. You can get Back Arrow online at FunimationWe will update more updates after Episode 15 is released.

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