Back 4 Blood: The Best Deck Builds

Melee-focused cards like “Triumph”, “Slugger” and “Batter Up” are definitely at the heart of this particular build, so be sure to squeeze those obviously advantageous cards into the top of your deck. From there, you’ll want to find room for mobility and defensive advantages, although there’s plenty of extra room there to experiment with which specific cards you end up choosing.

This build also uses Weapon Scavenger and Copper Scavenger as team perks, as melee players can be a bit selfish at times by accident. However, you can certainly remove/change those cards based on your companions’ abilities and your personal preferences.

Back 4 Blood: The Speedy Shotgun Deck Build

elliptical trainers
rolling thunder
Reload exercises
Scattergun Skills
Buckshot Bruiser
shell carrier
Killer’s Instinct
Silver Bullets
Motorcycle helmet
Superior Cardio
run and shoot
real grit

I love Back 4 Blood‘s shotguns, though you definitely need to unlock the right cards before you can really start compensating for the weapon class’s inherent weaknesses.

This deck comes pretty close by emphasizing mobility and trying to maximize the damage output from every shot you take. Don’t give up cards that improve your reload speed/ammo capacity, just play with the rest.

Also keep in mind that this build uses Silver Bullets, which is an incredibly beneficial ability for overall damage output, but may require a bit of collaboration/coordination with your team.

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