Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16: release date, watch online and spoilers

Levi recently defeated Zeke and Titans, but he decided not to kill him. Zeke remembers his past when he was in Liberia. His parents told him that Liberio is where they lived. It is as small as a bird cage compared to the rest of the world. His father told them to live here for the rest of their lives, unable to go anywhere else. Below we conclude Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode Finale.

Zeke’s father asked him to leave Liberio and Zeke said he wanted to leave. When he talks to his dad, an old guy comes out of the yard. He saw a bracelet on Zeke’s father and was surprised. The old guy remarks that Zeke’s father is an Eldian. He pours them with water and Zeke’s father said they should have been out of here. The old dude reveals that he is a cleaning staff and his job is to get rid of dirt.

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The old guy also said the devils had infected this place. He said Zeke’s family is descendants of devils who have slaughtered countless people. Zeke’s family decided to leave, and the old guy told them to stay in the internment zone. Zeke’s father told Zeke not to forget this humiliation. He also told him that if he hates this world, he must change it. Zeke’s dad thinks Zeke will be the one who will save everyone. Zeke joins the army, but all the kids used to run for him.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Captain notes that one of these children is going to his successor. The soldier next to him reveals that all the kids are desperate to earn the title of honorary Marleyans. They wonder what Zeke is doing here. After practice, Zeke’s dad asked him how his performance was. Zeke reveals it was difficult, and his father told him he was going to be a warrior. Zeke’s mother reveals that Zeke has special powers. They send Zeke to his grandfather’s house, and the two go somewhere.

Fall of Lago

Zeke overheard his grandfather talking to his parents about the social dance club. Zeke’s father says he is doing this for the health of people in this zone. He is also sad that Zeke is feeling lonely. Zeke’s mother comments that one day Zeke will understand what they are doing. Later, Zeke learned about the fall of Lago, which took place 1,200 years ago. His grandfather reveals that the great city of Lago disappeared in the course of one day. The Titans caused the destruction of Monte and the destruction of Valle.

That day, hundreds of thousands of Marleyans were killed by the Eldian Empire. The refugees who managed to flee from Lago roamed the ruins. The Eldians Empire had planted Titans in their escape route. As the sun rises, the Titans started moving towards the Marleyan and… Zeke intervenes. He told his grandfather that he is getting it and that many people have died. His grandfather asks him if his father is properly teaching him the truth about their history.

Zeke reveals that his father taught him that Eldians did terrible things to Marleyans, and so they have to pay for it here. Zeke’s grandfather asks Zeke if he wants to become a warrior and fight for Marley. Zeke reveals that he wants to become a warrior. They both go to sleep, and the next day Zeke went to school. He keeps ruining his workout. After school he saw a boy playing with his father. Zeke realizes that it is difficult for him to be with his parents, who are not there.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4

Founding Titan

Zeke quickly goes home, realizing that his father is back and wanted to hang out. But his father told him they could keep studying. They read about Lago’s fall, and his father twisted the story and said it never happened. He told Zeke that it is a made-up story to serve Marley’s purposes. Zeke’s father reveals that the Eldians have never had such a cruel culture or customs. Zeke notes that their great founder Ymir would never wish it, and it’s impossible. Zeke grew up knowing that an Eldian like him will never get a Titan.

The trainer has always shut him out. But he met Tom Ksaver with a red bracelet. He reveals that he possesses the powers of Beast Titan. Tom Ksaver thinks Beats Titan cannot be used in battle. They like to hang out together; after a few years, Zeke gets his red bracelet and is entrusted with a Titan. He discovers that Eren Yeager owns the Founding Titan. He met Eren and talked about the Eldain Ethuanasia Plan. They talk like brothers, and Eren said his father was wrong.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Release date

The Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 date will be released on Monday, March 29, 2021 at 12:10 PM JST. You can watch Attack on Titan Season 4 online at Crunchyroll AnimeLab, and NetflixWatch the episode finale preview and other updates below.

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