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Asur season 2: release date, cast, plot, story, trailer and everything else

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Asur may have crept into the realm of the Indian web series, but the series with its unique fame and plot. The article covers the release date and everything there is to know about the web series.

Asur is a thriller web series inspired by the hit HBO TV series True Detective. Asur is produced by Ding Entertainment under Tanveer Bookwala for Voot. The series features Barun Sobti, Arshad Warsi and Amey Wagh. The first season made a big impression on audiences across the country. However, there are several questions regarding Asur’s second season.

Asur Season 2: Release date

At the time of writing, the official Asur Season 2 release date has yet to be revealed. Additionally, neither the cast nor the people associated with the series have put forward any details about the series release date.

For the time being, even the first episode of Asur is not out yet. The moment Asur’s release date is revealed on each platform, we will be revealing the details to our enthusiastic audience.

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Asure Season 2: Cast

It looks like the cast featured in the first season will also be an integral part of the second season. So far it is confirmed that these actors will play in the second season:

Arshad Warsi will reprise his role as Dhananjay Rajput. Additionally, Barun Sobti, Pawan Chopra and Anupriya Goenka will also reprise their respective roles as Naina Nair, Shashank Awasthi and Nikhil Nair in the series.

In addition, Amey Wagh will return to play her character Rasool Shaikh, Ridhi Dogra and Shubh will also return to play Nusrat Saeed and Shubh.

Asur season: expected plot

The cat-and-mouse chase between CBI and the brain serial killer didn’t come to a definitive conclusion. However, the second season of the popular Voot series would bring much more excitement and thrills to the entertainment of the audience.

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