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Art Film Fest offers the opportunity to watch great movies online –

Watch and Download Movies Online

Dear fans of Art Film Fest,

the cinemas will remain closed for the time being and there are still a few months until the June date of our festival. That’s why we decided to make the wait easier and let you enjoy two great movies in the comfort of your own home. Via the online platform Kino doma you can watch two films that took part in the international competition of feature films in 2019 at the beginning of February, the last time we saw each other at the festival screenings.

Instructions for entering the virtual cinema room are provided below. We believe you will enjoy the photos and appreciate it if you share the information with other cinema enthusiasts. By purchasing a ticket for an online screening worth € 3, you and your loved ones support one of our partner cinemas – the Lumière cinema in Bratislava or the smile cinema in Košice. All details of visiting the online cinema hall are also provided by the site

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Watch and Download Movies Online

Friday, February 5 at 8.20 pm, the virtual cinema will still screen human (Still human) director Oliver Chan. Evelyn, a Filipino, works as a helper in Hong Kong to care for Cheong-wing, a divorced and wheelchair-bound disabled person. Two different people, initially polarized by mutual dislikes, gradually come together and come to terms with life’s obstacles. The film does not get bogged down in an uncomfortable subject, on the contrary, it uses the special humor and fragile emotionality of the two main characters. It offers an interesting contrast of a personal, intimate story set against the backdrop of such a socially and culturally diverse city as Hong Kong.

Saturday 6. At the same evening time you can watch the Icelandic movie Let Me Fall (Let Me Fall), which was shot by The Creator with the stage name Baldvin Z. His film tells the story of two friends, the first teenagers. , then the thirties. Stella is more explosive and has no problem even experimenting with drugs. The naive Magnea admires her and is happy to be with her. Before long, Magnea becomes dependent not only on a friend, but also on a miserable way of life. The film, based on real testimonies of youth drug addicts and their families, shows in an almost documentary fashion what the next dose means for drug addicts. A powerful emotional drama through a difficult topic explores the issues and values ​​of friendship, love and family.

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Watch and Download Movies Online

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