Arjun Kapoor said that at 12 years younger than Malaika, trolls die of age for selfies

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora no longer hide their love for each other from the world. Even on social media, the two often express their love for each other. When asked about trolling because of the age difference between him and Malaika, Arjun replied that such negativity should not be given attention as it is fake. There is a 12 year difference between Malaika and Arjun. Both are often trolled on social media for this. However, Malaika-Arjun doesn’t mind such negativity.

Arjun said we don’t read comments

Malaika Arora is 12 years older than Arjun Kapoor. When news of their affair came out, the age difference was the most talked about. On this, Arjun Kapoor says that as long as people notice his work, everything else is useless noise. Arjun Kapoor is 36 years old while Malaika is 48 years old. Arjun said it is foolish to make age the foundation of a relationship. Speaking to, Arjun said: “First of all, the media sees people’s comments, we don’t see 90 percent of them. Trolls can’t be given much importance because they’re fake.

Arjun said, live and let live

When those same people meet, they die taking selfies with me, so these things can’t be given much importance. What I do in my personal life is my business. As long as my work is recognized, everything else is bullshit. Also, whose age is, you can not worry so much about it. So live, let live and move on.

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