Antim’s Vighnaharta Song Ft. Varun Dhawan, Aayush Sharma & Salman Khan on ‘How’s the hype going?’: blockbuster or bland?

After keeping everything quiet, the makers of Antim revealed the first track of the album. It was released on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. To celebrate the festive season of Lord Ganesha, Varun Dhawan, Aayush Sharma and Salman Khan appear in the song ‘Vighnaharta’. The song now has our ‘How’s The Hype?’ fetched.

Here, in ‘How’s The Hype?’, people can vote for a song, teaser, trailer and other aspects of a movie. The results of the same are announced before a movie is released.

Coming back to the song of Vighnaharta, it is the much discussed song of Varun Dhawan from Antim. It lives up to all expectations and makes it a perfect energetic song for Ganpati’s holiday season. Visually it is appealing due to the strong on-screen presence of Varun, Aayush and Salman, while on the playback front the voice of Ajay Gogavale impresses.

Here’s the song:

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Aayush Sharma’s First Look at Ft. Face-Off with Salman Khan of Antim on ‘How’s the hype going?’: blockbuster or bland?

Aayush Sharma's First Look from Antim on 'How's The Hype?'
Antim: Aayush Sharma’s First Look at ‘How’s the Hype Coming?’

After surprising everyone with Salman Khan’s appearance as a Sikh agent, Aayush Sharma’s appearance was revealed yesterday. He will be seen as a feared gangster and it is a commendable change of mode after his romantic debut in loveYatric.

The first look of Aayush was shared by Salman as Aayush was previously the one to reveal Bhaijaan’s Sikh look. The Loveyatri actor’s first look is revealed through a few seconds video. It features Aayush gearing up on Salman with a fierce look and a ripped physique. His rugged look managed to strike the right chord with the viewers.

Salman Khan’s First Look at Antim’s ‘How’s the Hype?’: Blockbuster or Bland?

After every aspect of Antim was kept secret, Salman Khan’s first look was revealed out of nowhere. He plays a Sikh police role in the film opposite Aayush Sharma. The film is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and it is an official remake of Mulshi Pattern.

Speaking of the first look, Salman is seen wearing a turban taking a slo-mo walk. He looks shaggy and the “no f*cks Given” attitude radiates from his face. We are really impressed with his first look shared by Aayush, how about you?

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