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Anchinodu Inchodinchu 2021 Host, list of participants, start date and timing

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Anchinodu Inchodinchu is a brand new quiz show that is likely to have kids quizzes. The show is expected to be a unique quiz show, making kids feel confident.


The show is hosted by one of the most important famous figures, Suresh Gopi. He was also seen as the host in the first five seasons of KBC’s Malayalam version, Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran.

Additionally, the actor will be featured in Surya TV’s promotional video for the upcoming quiz show, stating, “Something new for Malayalam Television will hit your screens soon, and you have a chance to win up to 1 crore rupees!” Surya TV also added the same promotional video on their social media platforms.


The show’s teaser sparked public excitement and managed to get across the message that participants were invited from different walks of life. They will be asked questions that would certainly be out of the box and challenging.

In addition, Rubina Sebastian shared the hints regarding the show, saying: “We are here with a brand new mega-quiz show, which is a successful format in more than 65 countries. Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the show is Suresh Gopi. This show is intended to be a celebration for both children and families. What you can expect is a lot and a lot of fun, and at the same time it is the time to brush up on what you have learned in school. A little refresh or a reminder will make you a fortune. At the same time, we are here to bring you back to the golden memories. “

Start date and times

The show is on Malayalam TV and the audience seems quite excited about the show since the promotional video is aired in the media. The show’s timing has yet to be announced. So keep your eyes peeled as the brand new show will almost stir your excitement even more.

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