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Anasuya Thank You Brother Movie Review

Anasuya Thank You Brother Movie Review:
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Anker became actress Anasuya Bharadwaj has made an interesting series of films in her career and is quite selective. She played the lead in Thank You Brother, a content-driven movie streaming on Aha from today. The film is inspired by the English film ‘Elevator Baby’ and is directed by Ramesh Raparthi. Viraj Ashwin played the other lead role in Thank You Brother. Here’s the full Thank You Brother review:


Thank You Brother is the story of Priya (Anasuya Bharadwaj) who is a pregnant woman and loves her family so much. She loses her husband and one fine day she gets stuck in an elevator along with Abhi (Viraj Ashwin) who is a spoiled brat and has enough attitude. He never respects his parents and is a womanizer. The rest of Thank You Brother is all about how he saves Priya’s life and realizes the value of relationships in life. Watch Thank You Brother to learn more about the full story of the movie.


The makers revealed the whole story through the trailer of the film. and the whole thank-you brother is purely predictable. The entire first half of Thank You Brother is centered on showcasing Abhi and his character. The real story unfolds during the second half of the movie and there are few emotional episodes that are quite impressive during the second half. Thank you Brother has Shades Gamyam directed by Krish. Some of the important episodes in Thank You Brother are rushed and have no impact. The biggest drawback to Thank You Brother is that the film has no emotional connection anywhere.

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Anasuya takes on yet another role and she’s doing pretty well in Thank You Brother. Viraj Ashwin fits well in the spoiled brat role and he performed well in the assignment. No other actor except for the protagonists has enough screen space and notoriety in Thank You Brother. While the runtime of Thank You Brother is sharp, the movie sounds dull, stretched most of the time. The entire second half of Thank You Brother is done in an elevator and the film was made on a strict budget.

Thank you, brother, lacks a strong emotional content and the writing also looks pale. The film’s cinematic work is good and the background score is decent. The other technical aspects of Thank You Brother are decent.

Verdict: Thank You Brother is a disappointment because the film lacks the necessary emotional connection. Anasuya and Viraj star in their roles.

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