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Ananya Panday appears on Kareena’s show in a ‘Poo’ jacket; watch video

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Ananya Panday recently got up Kareena Kapoor‘s talk show What women want. During virtual interaction with the Omkara actor, Ananya also shared some details about her look for the show, which we glimpsed on Instagram.

For the show, Ananya wore a white bralette top paired with a pink jacket and blue jeans. It was the jacket with references to Poo, Kareena’s popular character Kabhi Khushi Kabhie GhamThe jacket’s sleeves read “Looks, looks and looks good” and “PHAT-Pretty Hot and Tempting” on the front pocket – two of Poo’s iconic dialogues from the movie.

On the back of the jacket was a picture of one of the scenes from the movie with Kareena as Poo.

“I like this jacket. I never found the right opportunity to wear it, but I’m like, ‘Today I have to wear it’, ”Ananya says in the clip. Watch the video:

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Do you also want to wear a poo jacket?

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