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AMI 2019 Netflix Movie: Know All About This Killer AMI!

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AMI 2019 Netflix Movie: Know All About This Killer AMI!

What do you think AMI is a horror movie from? Rusty Nixon? Does it happen in? real life what happened to Cassie to kill people? Can AI guide someone to become someone a killer?

Answers to all these questions are given below and the complete plot and movie reviews is discussed in the article, so let’s move on to know what AMI means?

What does the title AMI stand for in the film?

It stands for Artificial Machine Intelligence and it’s a horror AI movie where the phone controls Cassie and makes her believe there’s no one for her and manipulates her for killing.

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AMI 2019 Movie Release Date

This artificial intelligence horror movie released on July 2, 2019 and runs for 1 hours 17 minutes who has a nice slogan- Evil has a new friend. It will be directed by Rusty Nixon and Evan Tylor will write the story with… James Clayton.

Official AMI Trailer

Cast of the AMI movie

These are the cast members of this horror movie.

  • Debs Howard
  • Philip Granger
  • Sam Robert Muik
  • Havana Guppy
  • Donnie Hay
  • Veronica Hampson

Cassie Main character of the movie-


She is a high school student who makes? oneself strong to get out of the tragic car incident in which her mother was murdered and she was left alone like everyone else in her life has gone without take care of her.

His boyfriend is also an asshole who doesn’t care about his girlfriend after her mother passed away. Cassie’s dad is busy too with other things and neglects Cassie, so she feels alone and starts spending time with AI on a mobile phone that has the same voice as her mother turning her into killing those who don’t love Cassie and those who have wronged her.

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She may even have Ruby and Sarah as a best friend but they are more interested in Cassie’s boyfriend than their friendship with Cassie and even they didn’t both support Cassie.

AMI movie story


The film revolves around school-aged student Cassie (Howard) who is in her teens who lost her mother in a car accident and from then on her father Grek didn’t take much time to find someone else and leave her daughter alone.

She is also only trying to heal from this tragedy as her boyfriend doesn’t care Cassie more and even he does not give time and shows no concern for her. As Cassie lives alone her friends seem to enjoy her home and gives her company that is more than her boyfriend.

But soon she feels alone and knows that no one is helping her, so she turns to a… AI on her phone to talk and feel at ease because it sounds like her mother’s voice.

When Cassie’s life is learned by AI, it makes Cassie feel like taking revenge from the people who… wrong with her and turn a simple young woman into a murderer.

The story tells us the problems in real life what Cassie faced in the movie after she lost her mother and now she has no friends and family to communicate her feelings and she uses the wrong way that she kill people according to instructions in a short time by an AI.

It worries when she turns to the phone to not feel alone and how quickly she starts killing people around her, but finally she comes out of the influence of AI and understands that she can live without her mother and put an end to her phone.

Where To Watch AMI 2019 Movie-


You can currently watch and stream this artificial intelligence movie on-

People also ask questions about the movie-

Where was AMI filmed?

The recordings of AMI took place in Vancouver what a popular city British Colombia.

Who plays Sarah in AMI?

The role of Sarah is played by Veronica Hampson and Cassie’s boyfriend, Liam, cheats on Cassie through a… relationship with Sarah.

How scary is AMI?

When the person thinks of kill everyone line by line then this is an entertaining movie with some humor about death scenes, but it’s not scary like other movies like He’s out there.

User reviews on IMDB from AMI

There are both mixed reviews given by the users of this movie and these are like some kind of black mirror episode, a lot of horror, the execution of the movie is bad but with interesting concept and one user is confused when they in high school or college?

Last lines

The movie has an interesting plot and the acting is good too, but it’s executed in a scary way, but it’s enough to keep you entertained if you’re a horror movie lover.

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