American Pie star shocked with transformation, admitting he is also ‘dumbfounded’

American actor Chris Klein, who played high school heartthrob Chris ‘Oz’ Ostreicher in the American Pie film franchise, showed off his transformation this week, 21 years after the hit movie was released.

Chris (real name Frederick Christopher Klein) appeared on Today Extra and revealed what it’s like now to play the role of father to school-age characters.

The 41-year-old actor admitted on chat that he was “a little stunned” when he was cast in the ‘father’ role. Netflix Sweet Magnolias.

He reflected on how the transition from high schooler to playing the father of one was much faster than expected.

Chris Klein spoke about his new Netflix role

Chris said, “I have to tell you, I was a little bit stunned when we started this whole thing [Sweet Magnolias] and there I played the teenager’s father. “

“It is certainly going fast,” he added.

One viewer said of his transformation, “Went from 20s to 30s to 40s very quickly.”

While another harshly said, “Omg. He looks like a grandpa.”

American Pie was a blockbuster
American Pie was a blockbuster

The first American Pie movie hit theaters in 1999. The film followed a group of high school students who were all determined to lose their virginity before graduating.

Chris’ character Oz had a romance with Mena Suvari’s character Heather in the hugely popular sex comedy.

Chris reprized his role from Oz in 2001’s American Pie 2 and American Pie The Wedding (2012).

However, he did not appear in American Wedding due to scheduling conflicts.

Chris reprized his role in some of the American Pie sequels
Chris reprized his role in some of the American Pie sequels

In addition to the American Pie franchise and his new Netflix role, Chris starred in a number of other films, including teen movies Just Friends (2005) and American Dreamz (2006).

Chris is married to travel agent Lana Rose Thyfault and the couple share two children.

He was previously engaged to actress Katie Holmes, but the couple ended their five-year relationship in 2005.

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