‘American Idol’ Voting 2021: How to vote for the season 19 favorite in the top 24

ABC’s American Idol is a top show among music lovers. This week, the top contenders played solos and duets. The same was opened for the fans to vote for their favorite contenders in the top 24. Brian McKnight, Brandon Boyd and Katharine McPhee are some of the famous stars with whom the contenders gave their solos and duet performances. It airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8pm.

Americal idol season 19: procedure to cast votes

There are a total of three different ways a fan can cast their valuable vote to maximize the respective contestants’ chances of victory. The ways are:

  • First, AmericanIdol.com/vote or
  • Second, download the American Idol lyrics and
  • Finally, via SMS: ‘21523’ is the number to send an SMS.

'American Idol' Voting in 2021

‘Americal idol’ season 19: number for 1stnight show

  1. Alanis Sophia: text 1 to 21523
  2. Cassandra Coleman: text 2 to 21523
  3. Alyssa Wray: text 3 to 21523
  4. Wyatt Pike: text 4 to 21523
  5. Alana: text 5 to 21523
  6. Anilee List: Text 6 to 21523
  7. Deshawn Goncalves: Text 7 to 21523
  8. Graham DeFranco: text 8 to 21523
  9. Andrea Valles: text 9 to 21523
  10. Cecil Ray: text 10 to 21523
  11. Willie Spence: text 11 to 21523
  12. Grace Kinstler: Text 12 to 21523

Note: each fan receives 10 of the total votes. It is not mandatory to vote for one participant. You can also divide your votes among several contenders of your choice. You can vote 30 times a week.

After the voting time has elapsed, the votes are added up and the ten contenders with the lowest number of votes are returned.

‘Americal idol’ season 19: final schedule

Here’s a sneak peek at this season’s schedule.

  1. Sunday, April 4: Top 24 Perform
  2. Monday, April 5
  3. Sunday, April 11: Top 16 Perform
  4. Monday, April 12
  5. Sunday April 18
  6. Monday, April 19
  7. Monday, April 26
  8. Sunday May 2
  9. Monday, May 3
  10. Sunday May 9
  11. Monday May 10
  12. Sunday May 16
  13. Monday May 17
  14. Sunday, May 23

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