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American horror stories: Who is cast in this popular spin-off? –

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Who is cast in this popular spin-off?  –
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Last Thursday 15 July was the premiere of American horror stories, the spin-off of the long-running horror series American horror story. The two shows share similarities beyond their titles. Both were created by Ryan Murphy, who also writes and directs. American horror stories, however, is an anthology show with a different cast from its predecessor, although some familiar faces will make an appearance.

The spin-off premiere revisited a location and plot from season’s first season American horror story. Set in the infamous murder house, “Rubber (Wo)man” follows teenage Scarlett as she interacts with bullies, navigates her sexual identity, and becomes possessed by a ghost that prompts her to wear a latex fetish suit as she kicks girls out of her high. kills. school.

The first season of American horror stories is set to sixteen episodes, with new episodes every Thursday on FX and Hulu. Sarah Paulson is reportedly directing an episode of American horror stories, and other cast members from the original show will make an appearance from time to time. Find out who you can expect from blood, guts and jumping fear in the coming weeks.

“Rubber (Wo)man”

American horror stories started with a two-part episode. When Michael (Matt Bomer) and Troy (Gavin Creel) move into the Murder House, their daughter Scarlett (Sierra McCormick) becomes involved with the ghosts that inhabit it. Scarlett is harassed at school by Maya (Paris Jackson), and she decides to take the retaliation into her own murderous hands.

“run in”

Of this week American horror stories episode will feature a mix of returning and new cast members. The episode’s description reads: “A screening of a banned film has catastrophic consequences”. The episode stars Catherine Adell, Madison Bailey, Rhenzy Feliz, Amy Grabow and Kyle Red Silverstein. It also features: American horror story alums, Naomi Grossman & John Carroll Lynch.

“The Naughty List”

The fourth episode of American horror stories will be broadcast on July 29. The episode follows a group of influencers who face unexpected consequences after they post a video online. The stars of the episode are mostly new faces, though movie star Danny Trejo has a part to play. Next to him are Dyllon Burnside, Nico Greetham, Kevin McHale and Charles Melton.

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The final episode with details already revealed is “BA’AL”. In it a woman with “do the unthinkable” for a chance of pregnancy. Billie Lourd & Chad James Buchanan from American horror story will appear for this along with new cast members Virginia Gardner & Ronen Rubinstein.

All the rest

There’s a lot more to come in the next 15 weeks. Most episodes will feature new writers and directors, bringing people outside the American horror story writer’s room a chance to shine. Stories will generally be limited to a single hour of television, although Ryan Murphy could have a few more twins for good measure.

Sarah Paulson hasn’t revealed which episode she’s directing or what it’ll be about, but that’s sure to be the biggest draw for fans of the original American horror story. Every episode of American horror stories will bring back an old cast member or two, or will expand on the mythology of a previous season. The focus on individual stories should also excite viewers who find the original show’s season arcs annoying.

The spin-off should also build hype for the coming American Horror Story: Double Feature, the tenth season of the horror series. It airs in August and it will provide plenty of horror fodder as Halloween approaches. It’s a good time to be a horror fan.

Have you looked at the? American horror stories premiere? Are you excited about what’s to come? Let us know in the comments!

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