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Since we’re not allowed to travel, Disney Star just gave us the green light! Disney has announced a handful of original European content they’ve taken over and we couldn’t be more excited!

With the help of the company’s new Disney Star platform, we can look forward to more diverse content than ever before! Get the popcorn ready!

Disney Star vs Disney Plus

Disney Plus is actually linked to the American streaming platform Hulutherefore many international streamers were unable to access Disney content outside of the US. Fortunately, Disney Star allows Disney to distribute shows and movies of the same quality to a larger audience.

According to The edgeDisney Plus released Disney Star which will help their European market. Disney Star will be available to people in Europe, Canada and New Zealand starting February 23.

Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek told streamers about Disney Star in August 2020: “In terms of overall entertainment offering internationally, we want to reflect our successful Disney Plus strategy by leveraging our Disney Plus tech platform, bringing in content we already own and delivering it to distribute. under a successful international brand that we already own, and that is of course Star. “

French shows

According to Variety, Disney owns the rights to the four-part original Star series Oussekine which focuses on the tragic events that led to the death of a student in 1986. The miniseries was directed and created by Antoine Chevrollier and co-written by French writers: Faïza Guène, Julien Lilti and Cèdric Ido.

Disney Star will be the French classic Oussekine next Soprano: Sing or Die that is about the life of a French artist from Marseille to an incredible career.

Other French projects Disney Star will release are Quoc Dang Tran’s Parallels. Co-written by Anastasia Heinzl, the original series follows a group of teenagers trapped in parallel dimensions. However, fans should also prepare for Baptiste Filleul’s comedy Weekend family – about the strangest stepfamily who have weekly gatherings.

Italian shows

Disney Star’s commission for a selection of Italian miniseries includes The good mothers based on the female experience under an Italian mafia. The Italian series was written by Stephen Butchard and adapted from a book by renowned journalist Alex Perry.

Watch and Download Movies Online

Disney Star will also release two more Italian series: Boris The ignorant angels

German shows

Variety reported that Disney Star will release the German series Sam – One Saks, it is about the first black police officer in East Germany. The series follows Samuel Meffire and was produced by worldwide acclaimed Jörg Winger and Tyron Ricketts.

If you’re looking for dark German humor, Disney Star’s Sultan City maybe the series to watch. Sultan City was produced by Ayla Gottschlich & Aysel Yilmaz and is about a uniquely German-Turkish family who become rulers of a criminal underworld they have no idea how to control.

Disney did not stop with Germany. Incidentally, the company also has Dutch assignments for the football documentary ‘Feyenoord Rotterdam ” produced by Lusus Media.

Moving to Europe

Disney has not only released Disney Star, but they have also created new roles in Spain and Germany. According to Varietyhas appointed multi-million dollar company Sofía Fábregas as Disney’s new VP of original productions in Iberia, while Benhamina Mirnik-Voges will be VP of Disney for original productions in Germany.

The VP of the original content at Disney’s EMEA Liam Keelan said Variety: “These first ten projects embody our ambitious vision for local production. Our initial European offering underscores Disney’s regional commitment to outstanding and diverse talent and reflects our desire to partner with the very best storytellers in the industry. “

Some of the foremost creators of Disney’s Original Content include BAFTA-winning Stephen Butchard and Emmy-Award-winning director Jörg Winger.

Are you excited about Disney’s European collection? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch and Download Movies Online