Aladdin 2 On Disney : Release, Cast, Plot And Much More !!

Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin was a huge hit, and the ending laid the groundwork for a coming sequel, with Aladdin 2 now officially on the way.

The blockbuster re-imagining, directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Mena Massound, Naomi Scott, Nasim Pedrad, and Will Smith as the Genie, to name only a few cast members, suffered from bad marketing and questionable-looking CG from Will Smith’s blue genie.

Aladdin Popularity

The movie became the 9th highest-grossing movie of 2019, and the 34th highest-grossing movie of all the time. The movie was nominated for many awards. Some of the awards that “Aladdin” has won are “Peoples Choice Awards”,” Saturn Awards” and “Teen Choice Awards.”

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Aladdin 2 Release Date

 Aladdin 2 perhaps won’t be seen for another 3 – 4 years. The expected release year of the film is around 2024 0r 2025.

The production of the movie started early in October 2016 announced by Disney. The screenplay was already done by that time. Ritchie was hired as the director of the film.


  • It’s more likely, though, that Aladdin 2 will be a completely original story, although we don’t yet have an inkling as to what that story will be.
  • As we mentioned before, Disney listened to pitches from a bevy of writers before settling on the idea offered up by John Gatins and Andrea Berloff, a pair of Oscar-nominated screenwriters who will be collaborating for the first time.
  • We’ll have to wait to see what kind of story the two scribes are cooking up for us, but we feel the need to point out that just because Aladdin 2 won’t adapt The Return of Jafar doesn’t mean that Jafar can’t return; we really want to see more of Kenzari’s take on the villain. Keep it here for breaking news, because we’ll have our finger on the pulse of Aladdin 2 throughout its production.


  • “Naomi Scott” plays the role of  “Princess Jasmine”
  • “Navid Negahban” plays the role of  “The Sultan”
  • “Mena Massoud” plays the role of  “Aladdin”
  • “Marwan Kenzari” plays the role of  “Jafar”
  • “Frank Welker”  gives his voice for “Abu”
  • “Will Smith” plays the role of “Genie”

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