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Akshara Movie Review

Akshara Movie Review
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Akshara Movie Review
Akshara Movie Review

Movie review: Akshara
Director: Chinni Krishna
Producer: Suresh Varma Alluri, Ahiteja Bellamkonda
Music director: Suresh bobbili
Starring: Nandita Swetha, Madhunandan, Shakalaka Shankar, Ajay Ghosh
Publication date: February 26, 2021
Rating: / 5

Akshara Movie Review: Nandita Swetha, Madhunandan, Shakalaka Shankar, Ajay Ghosh starrer film Akshara hits theaters today February 26. Let’s have a look at the story of the movie Akshara.

Story: Akshara (Nandita Swetha) joins Vidya Vidhaan Institutions as professor of physics. Her goal is to reduce the burden on students. The reputed educational institution in which Akshara works is run by Sanjay Bhargav (Sanjay Swaroop) who focuses on grades and wants his students to achieve top positions at all costs. One day Sri Teja (Sri Teja), who falls in love with Akshara, decides to propose to her, but Akshara kills him. Why is Akshara killing Sri Teja? What is the main motivation behind Akshara to join the institute as a teacher? To get these answers, one has to watch the movie on the silver screen.

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More points:


  • Forces comedy
  • Few unwanted scenes
  • No tension

Performance: Nandita Swetha is the role of teacher that gives Akshara a decent performance. Her performance during a pivotal episode of a press conference in the second half deserves applause from film buffs. Sanjay Swaroop as the antagonist is good, but his image didn’t quite live up to the role of a ruthless industrialist the script demanded. Sri Teja, Satya, Shakalaka Shankar, Madhunandan, Satru and others justify their roles. Harsha Vardhan gets a meaty role.

Technical: The storyline looks predictable and the film gains momentum in the second half after a dramatic interval turn. Although there is nothing new in this film to attract movie buffs. The editor should use the scissors to cut unnecessary and dragged scenes from this movie based on the education system. While the storyline of the movie is good, the performance is awful. There are some unwanted scenes that spoil the entertainment level. Suresh Bobbili’s music is okay. The cinematography is decent for the most part. The screenplay and narration have some loopholes.

Analysis: Overall, Akshara is a social drama that deals with the burning issue of the current education system and the suicides of the students.

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