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Actor Sebastian Athie Passed Away at So Young Age ??

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Sebestian Athie Passed Away
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Yes, The popular Actor Sebastian Athie Passed away on July 4, 2020, at the age of 24. The reasons are still unknown.

As per sources, the cause of his death is not known at this time.

In fact, The news of Sebestian Athie passed away was confirmed by Disney Channel Latin America on Instagram on Saturday itself.

They carved an Instagram post to share this sad news: They posted on their Instagram Handle in Spanish that:-

Rest in peace, Sebas. Your art and your smile stay forever. We regret the departure of Sebastián Athie and we will always remember him for his talent, companionship, professionalism and above all, enormous heart. We accompany his family, friends and fans in his farewell.

Who Was Sebestian Athie ?

He was a Disney actor. The actor was born and brought up in Mexico. He was famous for playing the role of Lorenzo Guevara on the teen Argentinian TV series O11CE.

This series was first aired on Disney Channel Latin America. After its immense popularity, It was also dubbed into English. And Came as Disney 11 at newest. 

What Co-Actors Said?

After Sebastian Athie’s demise, Athie’s co-stars and loved ones started paying tributes to him on their social media handles.

Athie’s co-star of O11CE, Santiago Stieben posted a video while remembering him in a heartfelt post and captioned it as:-

“I am very sad indeed,”

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While expressing his remorse His another co-actor Guido Pennelli posted on Instagram,

“I love you forever, brother.”

Daniel Panitio was feeling devasted and paid tribute to Disney’s Actor by sharing a few pics and videos of Athie Sebastian on his social media account of Instagram.

He Wrote:-

“Noble souls do not die and your light will be eternal, passion, discipline and love, so I will remember you, my roomie, my friend, my brother, God has your holy glory, I do not understand many times his plans, and for the first time it makes me feel to lose a brother, life I owe you a lot, I will miss you.”

The sudden demise of the actor at so young age is deeply saddened news and had shaken everybody.

Disney Channel Latin America also paid their warmest condolences to Sebestian Athie’s family and friends as the news “Sebestian Athie’s passed away” so soon was shocking to everyone.

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