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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha April 20, 2021 Written Episode Update: Salesman Fools Darsh

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The all new episode of Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha starts with Darsh finished with Saree and going for jewelry. He says he is going to make her jewelry and starts with bracelets. Later, she gives all the jewelry one by one to Darsh. Darsh then takes the waistband, but when he takes it in his hand, he smokes. She asks what happened, he says the seller is making fun of us because it is not real gold that Nandini received in surprise when she listened to it. However, she says this jewelry was introduced by your loved ones.

Darsh then reveals her rash and says he is allergic to the fake jewelry. Darsh says I’m blind, but not a stupid person. Darsh and Nandini go to Naveen’s house and he asks if all the pieces are going great. Darsh tells him that this waistband is made of synthetic material and throws it on the floor. Darsh also says that someone is replacing this with the unique. Naveen says it is unreachable. Asks Shobit while you are here to know that it is fake.

He reveals his rash to him and says I am allergic to fake jewelry. Darsh then asks Naveen about the rest of the ornaments, saying they are stored in the almirah. Meanwhile, Darsh hears a noise and throws a knife on the same path. Gunjan screams. They all go to Gunjan and see Gunjan together with the waistband. Naveen takes out Gunjan’s exterior and apologizes to Darsh.

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Darsh asks why you stole this waistband. Gunjan replies that she accomplished all of this because of jealousy. She says Nandini gets all the pieces and I’m here empty-handed, that’s why I did this. Naveen asks Gunjan to pardon Darsh and he or she did the same. She also says that she also has her desires. Gunjan says she also likes to respect Nandini. In between, however, Shobut asks her to stop all of her drama.

Darsh tells Gunjan you can keep the waistband because he will buy another one for Nandini, but Nandini says she doesn’t need this because she’s not too keen on all this jewelry stuff. Darsh then tells Gunjan that you are our Bahu and your need is our first priority, but remember that Shobit does no harm, it will be unfavorable to you. You may be able to take the entire 6pm episode on Star Plus immediately and stay tuned with Social Telecast for Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha written replacement.

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