A Tompion pocket watch and Jaws poster are among the six lots that can be viewed at auction

1. Tompian pocket watch

The luxury watch sale at Fellows in Birmingham today (Feb. 15) includes an open 18th century pocket watch by Thomas Tompion and Edward Banger, London (pictured above).

Housed in a gold-plated metal consular box is a key-wind full-plate fusee and chain movement with pierced balance cock, verge escapement and Egyptian pillars. The estimate is £ 4500-6500.

Although Tompion is often referred to as the father of English timepieces, his talents weren’t just limited to clocks. He also made watches (an estimated 5,500 against 700 clocks). He worked for six years with Banger, who was married to Tompion’s niece from 1701-07.

View and bid for this pocket watch via thesaleroom.com.

2. Jaws poster


UK Quad Poster for Jaws – Estimated £ 300-500 at Special Auction Services Feb 16-17.

The Music & Entertainment sale at Special Auction Services in Newbury on Feb. 16-17 includes this UK quad poster for Jaws (1975). This first edition with artwork by Roger Kastel is in excellent condition.

Estimate £ 300-500. View and bid for this Jaws poster via thesaleroom.com.

Irish Insurrection Medal


This 1914-15 star was awarded to Lieutenant Basil Worswick, a soldier accidentally shot during the 1916 Easter Rising – estimated at £ 400-500 at Dix Noonan Webb on February 17th.

This 1914-15 star was awarded to Lieutenant Basil Worswick, a soldier in the 2nd Battalion of the King Edward’s Horse who was sent to Dublin to quell the 1916 rebellion in the city.

During a melee at the Guinness Brewery on the night of April 29, he was shot dead by a security guard who believed he was a Sinn Fein spy.

The Star plus copied 1914-15 research is being sold by a private collector and is expected to fetch £ 400-500 from Dix ​​Noonan Webb in a Feb. 17 sale of Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria.

View and bid for this Irish Insurrection Medal via thesaleroom.com.

4. Silver menu holders


Pair of silver and enamel menu holders made for Royal Exchange Assurance – estimated £ 100-150 at Lockdales Feb 17-18.

The Fine Sale at Lockdales in Ipswich on February 17-18 includes this pair of silver and enamel menu holders made for Royal Exchange Assurance. Stamped for HC Freeman, Birmingham 1917 and 1919, they are rolled at £ 100-150.

View and bid for this menu holders via thesaleroom.com.

5. Prince Charles autographed photo


Autographed photo of a young Prince Charles in a green leather frame by Jarrolds, Knightsbridge – estimates £ 400-500 in an online sale at William George running until February 18th.

A special sale of royal memorabilia held online by William George will run through February 18. Estimated at £ 400-500 is this autographed photograph of a young Prince Charles in a green leather frame by Jarrolds, Knightsbridge.

These were produced to celebrate the Prince of Wales’ Investiture in Caernarvon in 1969 and his 21st birthday, to family and friends. View and bid for this Prince Charles photo via thesaleroom.com.

6. ‘Regard’ brooch

Alton, Staffordshire, firm of Leighton Hall Auctions is offering this 19th century gemstone studded brooch and locket on Feb 20 with a £ 100-200 guide book.

Jewelry like this, with a row of five stones – ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby, and diamond – spelled out the word ‘prestige’.

View and bid for this ‘Regard’ brooch via thesaleroom.com.

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