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Watch and Download Movies Online

Watch and Download Movies Online

Apalimarathi: a place for movie buffs

If you are an avid fan of the Marathi movie industry then you must have heard of Apalimarathi. It is a torrent movie site that brings you the best Marathi movies of all time. In our struggling daily life, we rarely find time for ourselves to fulfill our entertainment and desires. Nothing matches a better mode entertainment except rewatch or watch some of your best movies and some of the greatest movies of all time. However, people must be well accustomed to the language in which the medium of entertainment is served.

We are going to be talking about such a torrent site that caters to the needs of a specific audience, the Marathi audience. Not many sites offer you Marathi movies exclusively. Apalimarathi is a site that caters to such demands of the public. If you’re such a fan of the movies and have come to wander here, chances are this untrodden territory is for you. Don’t worry though and read along as we’ve covered all the intricate details about the site here:

Properties of Apalimarathi:

Each torrent site has a number of distinctive features that set it apart from other torrent sites. As such, Apalimarathi does not have a large market to compete in, provided it mainly contains only Marathi films. However, in order to entertain its audience, it has some astonishing features to accompany its good name in the market.

All the latest Marathi movies are available here:

Any Marathi movie released to theaters of late would be here in a short time. Apalimarathi offers you not only the latest Marathi movies, but also the classics from the entire timeline of Marathi cinema.

Video qualities:

The site has videos in all sizes and qualities. All devices do not support very high quality video formats. So the site has a wide variety of video formats that the user can choose from. Apalimarathi also has high definition (HD) videos, of course, and the format can be used on devices that support it.

Range of content:

The site has a wide variety of content for all of its users. Apalimarathi is not only movies but also television shows, dramas, music and so on, but they are all mainly in the Marathi language. Not all sites offer such exclusive content. Hence, for die-hard fans of Marathi movies and other entertainment shows, this site is one of the best choices to go for.

User Friendly User Interface:

Certain torrent sites have features that are not easy to understand. But not Apalimarathi. The instructions are quite easy to understand. In fact, its user-friendly interface is one of the most popular features behind its popularity. You can just reach the site and then by applying a little common sense you can easily figure out how to download content from there. No additional knowledge of technology or experience in the field is required.

It is free:

The content you get on Apalimarathi is absolutely free. The question arises where they get the money, and they do that through pop-ups. These can be annoying at times, but you can install an Ad Blocker to avoid being bothered by them. So you can enjoy unlimited movies from all genres of the Marathi cinema without spending a single cent!


The site has movies with subtitles for people who may not be well used to the language. This increases the reach of the site to an even wider audience. The films could thus be enjoyed by a larger mass of people rather than just those who know the language. A fair deal!

Category movies on Apalimarathi:

Different types of movies are available on the site. It may seem like the people using the torrent site may have fewer options as they are bound by the chains of only one language. What they lack in the versatility of languages, however, they make up for with films from a wide variety of genres. Thus, the public has a fairly large number of choices to choose from.


Laughter can handle any situation and when the time comes, humor comes to our rescue. When you’re having a bad day, you can always count on Apalimarathi to get you some movies that make for a good laugh.


If you are someone who likes thrillers then you are in luck. The site has some of the best thrillers in the Marathi movie industry.


In today’s hectic daily life, we rarely get time to read books about stalwarts or other great men who have made significant contributions to humanity. Apalimarathi makes our job easier as it provides us with a wide variety of such biographies and documentaries, making the experience fun too.

Watch and Download Movies Online


Love transcends borders and unites people. No matter how long your day was, you can always trust Apalimarathi to get you some good old romantic movies from the Marathi movie industry to give your long day a good and dreamy ending.

The site has a lot more to offer than mentioned above. Log in yourself and download movies to see the huge selection of movies and other content the site has in store for you.

10 alternatives to Apalimarathi:

Suppose the site can’t be reached for some reason, would that put an end to your customized Marathi movie viewing experience? Of course not! For situations like these, here are some alternatives you could use:


Copying any form of content without the required consent of the content creator is an offense both morally and legally. Morally speaking, if you use content created by someone without properly paying homage to the creator, it is rightly wrong on your end. Also, if and when caught, it can be charged as a criminal offense and handled accordingly. The site does not encourage or influence plagiarism in any form whatsoever. Rather, it encourages its viewers to refrain from such activities as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the site legal?

No Apalimarathi is not a legal site. It is a torrent movie download site that allows you to download Marathi Movies for free.

Is registration required?

No, the site does not require registration. You can visit the site and download the movies of your choice for free to watch in your spare time.

Is the site secure?

The site is not legal. Apalimarathi therefore lacks any form of concrete safety or security techniques. So you have to be more careful not to download malware that tries to download other content.

Does the site have movies in other languages?

No, the site does not contain films in other languages. However, it also has dubbed and signed versions of popular movies from other languages.

Watch and Download Movies Online