A Peaceful Place, Part II, End Declared

A Quiet Place Part II is a direct sequel to the 2018 film A quiet place. Written and directed by John Krasinski, the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of aliens who have destroyed most of humanity. So we follow the Abbott family, who are forced to navigate and survive through all of this, as we try to avoid blind monsters with acute hearing. Fortunately for the family, they know how to speak sign language because their daughter, Regan, was deaf. The first movie in the franchise saw critical box office success. That is why a sequel was soon in the making from August 2018. And soon, in February 2019, Krasinski was hired to direct the sequel with filming starting in June the same year, all the way through September. Now let’s take a look at the ending of A Quiet Place Part II.

At the end of the last film, Regan realizes that the high-pitched noise her hearing aid makes is disturbing to aliens. So while she and her brother Marcus escape with it, her father, Lee, is attacked by a creature who manages to injure him. Marcus sees this and tries to distract the creature by firing impulsive gunshots. This works, but to the dismay of the children, their father had other ideas. In sign language, Lee tells Regan that he loves her and screams to get the creature to attack him. After this, the children reunite with their mother, Evelyn, who had just had a baby. Regan, knowing the effect of her hearing aid on the creatures, places it close to a nearby microphone. Using this knowledge, the family takes down incoming creatures while shooting them on their exposed flesh.

What Happened in a Quiet Place, Part II?

At the very beginning of the film, we see a retrospective of the events from the first film. Here we see the Abbott family attending their son Marcus’ baseball game. In the middle of the game, a flaming object is spotted in the sky descending to Earth. Seeing this, the family and other spectators flee from the baseball park as soon as the city is infected by aliens. Aliens who were naturally blind but managed to make their way through their acute hearing. And now, nearly 18 months after events unfolded, Regan had finally figured out a way to fight back. While just moments ago her father, Lee, had died trying to protect his children, now was their time to lead the way.

Continuing right from the end of the previous movie, Evelyn, Regan and Marcus take out the incoming monsters by playing the high tone frequency. The aliens are vulnerable disoriented on hearing, exposing their flesh in an unprotected part of their head. Shooting at that weak spot is enough to kill the creatures.

Emmett, Lee’s old friend

After doing this to the waves of creatures approaching their remote home, Evelyn, Regan, Marcus, and the new baby set out in search of other human communities. In addition, they carry a portable guitar amplifier and microphone to ward off any incoming danger. During their journey they approach a house. Here Marcus is caught in a bear trap, seriously injuring his leg. That’s when they run into Lee’s former friend Emmet. He reluctantly helps out the family as he takes Marcus out of the bear trap. After this, Emmett takes the Abbott family to his bunker.

Regan’s mission

While in Emmett’s bunker, Marcus and Regan discover that there was a song, “Beyond the Sea”, which was played on a loop. When checking with Emmett, he says it’s nothing. But Regan deduces the origin of the frequency as a radio tower on a nearby island. Regan then devises a mission for herself, as she wants to go to the radio tower to broadcast the high-frequency sound to everyone tuned into the radio channel. By doing this, she hoped to spread a ray of hope in which people realize they can finally fight back for their survival. Marcus, who was seriously injured, could not go with her, so he begs her not to leave. But inevitably, Regan will choose to go out alone to get to the Radio Tower.

Regan on her journey to the Radio Tower.

Later, when Evelyn finds out that Regan had left for the island, she begs Emmett to go after her. So, reluctantly, Emmett goes after Regan and eventually manages to find her. But instead of taking her to his house, Emmett overhears Regan’s plan and decides to join her. Now Emmett and Regan begin their new mission to the island, with the first stop at the dock. Here they are attacked by people who have gone wild over time. So while Regan hides by diving into the Navy, Emmett makes a noise to ambush the humans by attracting nearby creatures. Here one of the creatures even drowns to death while trying to follow Emmett in the waters. Soon, Regan secures a boat, where they escape to the island to find a colony of people.

Evelyn, Marcus and the baby

Back at Emmett’s bunker, Marcus and the newborn are left alone by Evelyn as she sets out to collect some medical supplies. During this journey, she has a moving moment at the place where Lee died. She even leaves her ring for his photo. Meanwhile, Marcus leaves the bunker as he sets out to explore the area. But harem, he finds the body of Emmett’s late wife, which scares him. Because of this, he knocks a few things over so that there is enough noise that some creatures in the neighborhood go towards Marcus. So now Marcus and the baby are trapped in an airtight bunker as the oxygen level starts to drop. They cannot go out because the creature is waiting there for them to emerge. Soon Evelyn manages to get back to the bunker, while managing to save her children from passing out.

Evelyn, Regan, Marcus, Baby

Evelyn says goodbye to her husband, Lee.

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