A guide to chia seeds for weight loss

A guide to chia seeds for weight lossToday, the conventional methods of weight loss are seeing great progress with many new and better ways to lose all the excess weight from our body effectively. Most of the time, weight loss diet planning has been incorporated into much newer items of late that make our bodies lose weight effectively by affecting our appetite.

One of those things is chia seeds. Chia seeds come from the mint family and are used effectively in ancient times, but have recently gained a lot of recognition in the weight loss journey of countless fitness freaks out there. When they come into contact with liquid chia seeds, they swell.

How to eat chia seeds for weight loss?

Chia seeds are usually consumed in the form of smoothies. They are mixed with various fruit smoothies and consumed for a healthier breakfast.

One can also mix chia seeds with cottage cheese or yogurt and add some fruit to make and have a different kind of fruit salad.

Chia seeds can also be mixed in salads. A bowl of green vegetables and chia seeds with some light dressing is a great way to keep your stomach full and your body getting all the nutrients in, too.

Chia seeds can also be mixed with oatmeal. Overnight oats are one of the most popular breakfast options for many people, mixing some chia seeds with overnight oats can be an extremely beneficial way to provide your body with all the fiber it needs.

If you don’t want to do anything fancy with your chia recipe, you can just soak some chia in water and add some flavors like lime juice or orange juice and consume it.

You can also opt for juice-soaked chia seeds. Take some juice of your choice and add half the amount of chia seeds and let it soak until swollen and eat it.

You can also opt for chia pudding or chia drinks with cocoa in them.

You can also add chia seeds to your homemade breads to add some extra fiber.

You can also add chia to your bowl of cereal.

Chia seeds can also be used as a topping for your smoothie drinks.

You can also use chia seeds as a crispy jacket for your meat fires.

You can add chia seeds to your pancake batter and make pancakes too. Pancakes are great breakfast options and everyone will enjoy them.

If you love making protein bars, you can also add chia seeds to them.
You can also add chia seeds to your dips.

If you like pizza, you can add chia seeds to your pizza crust to give it some fiber.

Chia seeds smoothie for weight loss

One of the most common uses of chia seeds is in smoothies. This is also a great breakfast option for those who get bored of eating normal foods for days on end. Smoothies can be made with fruits or even vegetables.

Here are some smoothie options you can try with chia seeds.

  • Banana + apples + chia seeds.
  • Apples + curd + chia seeds.
  • Banana + Dried Fruit + Apricots + Chia Seeds.
  • Strawberries + banana + almond milk + chia seeds.
  • Almond milk + mangoes + chia seeds.
  • Carrots + spinach + a little bit of avocado + a little bit of almond milk + chia seeds.
  • Spinach leaves + frozen pineapple + little almond or soy milk + chia seeds.
  • Strawberries + curd or frozen yogurt + chia seeds.
  • Blueberry + Almond Milk + Frozen Banana + Chia Seeds.
  • Cocoa powder + frozen bananas + chia seeds.
  • Oats + curd + apples + chia seeds.

Are Chia Seeds Really Good For Weight Loss?

Chia seeds are considered to be one of the best foods that can be included in our diet, providing our bodies with nutrients and helping us lose weight. Chia seeds are believed to make our stomach feel full, reducing our appetite. It keeps our stomach full for a very long time and therefore also limits our hunger. That way we don’t eat more often and we also start to partially lose weight.

Chia seeds also contain many other nutrient benefits, such as

  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Antioxidants
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • High quality protein

All these ingredients are extremely beneficial in giving our body a lot of strength and it also helps to make our skin glow from within. Chia seeds are also rich sources of fiber which is why it helps in improving our diet to a great extent.

While chia seeds are consumed in a weight loss diet plan, they are also quite high in fat and calories. Therefore, the consumption of chia seeds should only be limited to a certain extent, if you continue to eat them throughout the day, they will certainly make you fat.

Chia seeds and flax seeds for weight loss

Flaxseed is again one of the most popular food products consumed by fitness gurus out there. Compared to chia seeds, flax seeds are larger in size and brownish in color. Compared to the taste, chia seeds are tasteless and do not impart flavor as such, while flaxseeds are more nutty in taste and can also be consumed along with many other dry fruits.

When it comes to weight loss, the calorie content of flax seeds is more than chia seeds, also flax seeds contain more fat than chia seeds. Therefore, flax seeds for weight loss do not beat chia seeds. They may taste better, but consuming them in larger amounts can only harm your weight loss journey.

One can mix both seeds in the right proportions and have it too.

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